Thursday, March 31, 2016

March End of the Month Challenge Wrap-Up

Well, this month I got my Sunday Posts done, but I don't know if I did that well on my other Challenges.  I also joined a new challenge, the 2016 Discussion Challenge.  I got one post this month, Fiction is Fiction, and as my goal is 1-12 posts, I'd say I've already completed the minimum for that.  Also just by doing this post, I'm keeping up on this goal of doing end of the month posts.  And I'm 5 books ahead on my Goodreads goal, so I'm doing well this month!  So let's check out all my challenge results for the month.

Starting with the new challenge I'm hosting this year.  Unfortunately I didn't really do much towards what I'd planned.  If I change the guidelines like I've said I would, for people to even just try new to them authors, then I can say I got more done this month.  Really, there is only one that fits the original series guidelines HERE.
  • Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
  • If I count a new author towards this, then I have finally read a book by Wendy Higgins, and love it, The Great Hunt

I only got one book again this month, but that's okay since my goal is 11-20, as you can see on my sign up post HERE.  But the one that I did do was on my original sign up list.  I just finished it today, won't have the review up for a week or so though, so I'll link it to the Goodreads info.

This month I gave feedback on five books, bringing my Feedback ratio up to 70%.  My goal was to try to get back up the 80% ratio, or at least get a total of 10 done for the year, as I listed on the original post HERE.   So I am at least at 7 of the 10.  Three of the books I actually read, and the other two are ones that I couldn't finish, so I went ahead and left that as the feedback.  Here are the 5 books:

Well, let's go through what I did this month, you can check out the original post HERE
  • I'm still doing really well with not downloading tons of e-galleys.  It helps to just write them down in my calendar, and then I don't go to download them until it is closer to the time of publishing/when I'll be reading them.  I'm also trying to make sure I read the Netgalley ones first if I can, so I can work on the challenge I talked about above.
  • I still ended up posting almost every day again.  But I am trying hard to not sign up for tours unless they are books I know I'm going to read and really want to promote.  However I did skip one Sunday post, because I had several other things I wanted to post instead.
  • Still doing my best to comment on other blogs.  
  • Again, using this post monthly to keep up with my challenges.
  • I've had two reviews every week this month, although only one so far this week.  I'm planning another tomorrow!
  • Personal goals:  Still no money saved, but I have finally decided on what I'm going to do with my air conditioner.  I met my going to the gym and walking once a week goal, and got my reward of a tattoo, which you can see a picture of HERE.  I set a new goal of going to the gym and walking twice a week until the end of May, when summer break starts from school.  I think my reward for that will be buying a new pair of Nike tennis shoes for walking at the Nike Outlet store when my family goes to Branson over Memorial Day weekend for our annual trip.

I didn't really get anything for this goal this past month.  Unless the Maybe series by Colleen Hoover isn't going to have any more than the two books it already has.  And I kind of feel like it is, since there haven't been any more since 2014. 

For April this year, I'm not participating in the A to Z Challenge for a change.  It doesn't go with my goal of posting less.  I'm also really starting to feel like writing again.  I've decided that I am going to go back and finish the NaNo story from several years ago, but re-write it as a New Adult instead of just a straight contemporary romance.  Not sure when I'll find the time to write.  I'll probably just wait till this summer. 

So, how did your March go? 


  1. Sounds like you've had a fairly good month. Yay for meeting your walking/going to the gym goal. I really want to save for a fitbit so I can do fitreaders. It would be nice to know how much I walk everyday and motivate me to do more. I belong to a gym now, so trying to go as much as I can as well.

    I'm mostly just keeping track of my goals for the year on Goodreads. For the Goodreads goal, I have it at 100 (though I hope I get more than that). I'm at 31 read right now, which isn't too bad for three months in!


    1. I try to join into the FitReaders when I remember. It is very nice to have the motivation with my Fitbit, plus I can connect with friends who use Fitbit on the app, so that is good too. I used to always just do the Goodreads, but have tried a few with blogging the past few years. 31 is good! I think it is right on track to reach 100, right?

  2. Where do you find the NetGalley Reading Challenge? Thanks! :)
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

    1. Well, darn! Guess I forgot to link to it in this post. You can check out the blog hosting it HERE.

  3. It sounds like you made a lot of progress for your challenges this month. I have thought about doing some of these but I am not sure that I would enjoy keeping track of everything.

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    1. Some I did, some I didn't. I am trying to be better about keeping track of things, so I thought I'd work on it with my blog and then maybe transfer the skills to the rest of my life. :-)

  4. Hi :) I'm way behind my Netgalley ratio. I requested a lot of books, books that I will eventually read but I'm still at like 17% out of the 80% they would like you to be. What can I say, I like books and like to read, I cant help it, I had to request them :):)

    1. I started out really good and not requesting a bunch, and then I got really bad, so my ratio isn't horrible. Like you, I'll probably never get back to the 80%, but I'm gong to try! Thanks for visiting!

  5. I kind of screwed myself on NetGalley when I first started. I don't think there's any recovering, unless I only read my NetGalley books for the next five years. Congratulations on making such progress!

    1. I didn't do too bad at the beginning, it's only been in the last few years that I got kind of bad with requesting. Then they started making a big deal about the ratio and I tried to scale it back. Thanks for stopping by!


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