Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas is always a nice time for me.  As a school librarian/teacher in the past, it means time off from work.  But it also means getting to see lots of family that I don't get to see at other times of the year.  My sister who lives in NYC flies home for a week or so.  I have a cousin that moved to California in the fall, and so it will be nice to see her and her boyfriend while they're home too.  It also means I have more time for reading!  Here are pictures I took of my niece last night at my mom's house.

And then this morning, my dogs (my kids), got to enjoy their gifts.

 Argyle is my little boy on the left, and Dora is the little girl in the picture on the right.  

Tonight I'll go to my dad's house for Christmas with my sisters.  And then later tonight I plan to go see The Interview.  I wanted to see it before all the fuss, so now I'm glad they're going to go ahead and release it in the theaters.  And because I have really gotten to be obsessed with GIFS, I'll add a few Christmasy GIFS from my favorite movies and tv shows to finish up this post!

This is how I felt when I heard that there would be a Harry Potter marathon starting tomorrow!

And just some other fun GIFS as gifts for all my followers!

This one makes me laugh out loud ever single time:

From the other Christmas movie that must be watched over and over every year: