Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Books I Just Had to Buy, But Haven't Read

Do you ever buy a book the minute it comes out, or you walk into a store and see it and have to have it, but then it is a long time, sometimes even years before you actually read it?  Well, I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one who did this, because sometimes I feel really guilty about it.  I'm trying to buy less books because of this, but for top 10 Tuesday, here is my list:

1.  Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor - Now technically it's only been a few months since it came out, but I had to buy it so I could get it autographed when she was at my store, and I'd finished the first book not long before it, and it is still sitting on my TBR shelf.

2.  Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange.  This was in the time they started writing all the crossovers with vampires and zombies with classics.  I still think it kind of sounds good.  And it is on my shelf, but who knows when I'll get to it!

3.  We Rode the Orphan Trains by Andrea Warren.  I read a short story about some kids in an orphan train situation, and I was immediately fascinated and wanted to know more about the history of this.  So, when I saw this come into the bookstore where I worked, I immediately had to buy it.  And it has sat on my shelf ever since.  One day.  Of course, I did at one time have a goal of reading a nonfiction book every 5 books, and so at one time I would have read this much quicker.

4.  Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  Along with my goal to read nonfiction books every so often, I also planned to read a classic every 10 books.  And for awhile I kept up with that.  I chose Les Mis because my cousin said one time that it was her favorite book, and she was someone who rarely read, so I decided it should be one of my next classics.  Unfortunately, the last classic I read, or should I say tried to read, was Dante's Inferno.  And with all the translation stuff, and what it was actually supposed to say, let's just say I was bored and gave up.  And so Les Mis still sits on my TBR shelf.

5.  Holy Blood, Holy Grail - This is one that I decided I wanted to read after the whole Da Vinci Code book and movie big deals.  My friend Kim had read this, and while I wanted to just borrow her copy, I believe she loaned it to someone else and never seemed to get it back.  And I was so intent that I wanted to read it, that I bought it because I didn't want to wait.  Yet I'm still waiting to read it.

6.  Bogus to Bubbly:  An Insider's Guide to the world of The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  I loved The Uglies series.  And so of course as soon as this companion book came out, I had to have this right away.  So, I bought it, and so, it still sits on my shelf.

7.  Without You:  A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent by Anthony Rapp.  This was part of my nonfiction goal, as well as a stage in my life when I was reading tons of memoirs.  Plus, the movie for Rent had come out, and realizing that Anthony Rapp was the actor I'd had a crush on back when he was in Adventures in Babysitting, I wanted to read it.  So, I ordered it into the bookstore where I worked, and bought it, and put it on my TBR shelf.

8.  The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls.  I love the tv show Supernatural.  I'm a fan of Dean.  And so, loving the show, I had to have this companion guide.  Still haven't read it, along with several of the novelization books of the series.  I will buy all of them at some point.  And maybe save them for the day the show goes off the air to relive what I can no longer see new episodes of.  Kind of like I do for the tv show Eureka's books.

9.  Peak by Roland Smith.  I first learned about Roland Smith during my first few years teaching at Northgate Middle School.  He visited our school and spoke to the students, and so I bought his book, got it autographed, and read it.  And so I've almost all of his books.  This is one I had to buy at a school book fair,  and as the other 8 books before this, it still sits on my TBR shelf.

10.  My last entry I'm going to actually include a group of books.  I am a huge fan of the Marx Brothers.  And sometimes, well before our hours got cut so bad at the bookstore, I used to have some time when I was working at the customer service desk.  And I'd get into our database and search for any books about the Marx Brothers that I didn't have.  And I'd order them into the store, and I'd buy them, and for awhile with my nonfiction goal, I'd read them.  But since my goals have kind of gone by the wayside, which actually happened about the time I started really blogging, a lot of my nonfiction books and memoirs are still sitting on the TBR shelf.  Right now I have these 5 sitting where I can see on my TBR shelf:  Harpo Speaks, Son of Harpo Speaks, Monkey Business, Hello I Must Be Going, and The Essential Groucho.

Now, let's be a bit fair to me, I do have probably between 200-250 books sitting on my TBR shelf.  Many are stripped covers I got from the bookstore where I work for free, so they don't always count.  And I actually go through those about once a year, and weed out ones that I may have grabbed just because they were free, and not because I really, really, really wanted to read them.

Enough about me though, do you do this too?  Tell me about it!