Saturday, March 23, 2013

Timeless (Transcend Time Saga #3) by Michelle Madow

I had ordered all of Michelle Madow's books into the bookstore where I worked a while ago.  But when this one came in, it got put in adult fiction, as opposed to teen fiction where you would think.  And so, I never noticed when it arrived since I was always checking in the teen section.  Then, I didn't work for over a month.  So when I finally worked again a week ago, I made sure to see if it was still in the store, and then I bought it.  And, I finally got it read.  It was a very quick read, but a good one!  There will  unfortunately have to be some spoilers for those who haven't read the series yet, as this is the final book, but I'll try not to spoil for those who are still waiting to read this but have read the first two.
If you'll remember in my review of book 2, Vengeance, I was disappointed in how short it was.  Only because I wanted so much more!  It was good though.  And so as we go into the 3rd book, Chelsea is still angry at Lizzie.  And since the spell that she cast in book 2, Lizzie is now experiencing some scary omens.  When there are too many strange things happening with crows, Lizzie and Drew decide to go see Alistair, Lizzie's memory guide as she has been reincarnated, what we learned in book 1, Remembrance.  He does know that she has been cursed.  And they narrow it down to two suspects, either Jeremy or Chelsea.  Once Jeremy has been eliminated, Lizzie must figure out how to find out exactly what kind of spell Chelsea did, and also how can to fix it?  In another turn of events, Lizzie's mom has begun dating Chelsea's dad.  So when they have to spend Thanksgiving together, Lizzie doesn't know if she'll  be able to ever get her best friend back, and if she can, can they reverse this spell, within the month of time they have, before what happened to Lizzie in the past, a young death, becomes her new reality.  There is a trip to England, and even some needing to go back to the past to resolve the issues from that time.
It's a great ending, wrapped up very quickly, but pretty realistically in my opinion.  Without a lot of dragging out by having one thing after another go wrong in their attempts to solve it.  Not to say that it all goes off perfectly without any hitches, it just doesn't get to the ridiculous points that some stories do where you just have to say enough already, we know it's going to end happy, so go ahead and just solve it already!
Great story.  And while Madow's next series doesn't sound exactly like my type of book, I'm sure the writing will be just as good!