Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two for the money

Yeah, I don't know what the title of this blog has to do with anything. Just thought it was cute. Got quite a bit done in my room today. Went to the doctor and finally we may be onto something. She thinks it is my sacroiliac joint that is the problem. If that's the case I may need either physical therapy, or she says a shot of prednisone, but an epidural shot, which scares me. She had me do some blood work to check this hypothesis. She also gave me some Celebrex samples to try. So far, they seem to be working. I did have to call my brother, who is a pharmacutical (sp?) sales rep, and ask about the drug. I have heard on those lawyer commercials this drug name before and so I was curious. He gave me some info, said it was probably okay since I wasn't probably going to be on it long term. But now I can do some research into it and the injury on my own. The doctor said this didn't seem to be a muscular injury that massage probably wouldn't do any good.

Got to walk 5 miles today, but kind of late, so still going to bed later than I planned. Tomorrow is Convocation at PVBC in Liberty. I hate Convo, it's a waste of time in my opinion. I don't want to see the person who got my library job, and I really don't want to go sit through the science curriculum meeting, it is an hour and a half this year. I swear it has always been only an hour. Oh well. I intend to go talk to some bank people about getting my finances in order so I can think about quitting the district at the end of the year. Other than that and my meeting, I am bringing my book to sit and read through most of the time I have to be there. I refuse to go sit at the stupid motivational ceremony. Maybe I'll leave for lunch or do some shopping at the Target during that time instead. Tomorrow night supposed to go see Harry Potter on the IMAX. It will be my 3rd time, my dad and step-mom's first. I'm excited to go, it was really good.

Okay, going to go to bed, or at least to go watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory and then go to bed. Driving to Liberty adds some time to my morning.

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