Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First REAL day of school

The morning started out pretty good. I actually felt after the first 2 classes that I could maybe do this for another year. Then, my 5th hour started. A class of 20 boys and 9 girls. That should tell you right there what the issue was. Boys with constant, stupid questions, just to be smart-alecs. God, all I can hope is that I win the Powerball tomorrow. Last hour of the day wasn't as bad, but with the crazy way we scheduled to spend extra time instead of going to Advisory was just a pain. Plus, I wonder when in the world will the buses get there on time. I'm so tired of waiting sometimes 10 minutes past when class is supposed to be over. Just add in the minutes to our classes and don't make us wait with nothing to do for that long at the end of the day. These are the things that reminded me why I do not want to be teaching anymore.

Wanted to play Sims 3, was really enjoying it, then my stupid Sim got stuck. I hope the hint on how to fix it will work next time I play. It's so addicting though, I was supposed to be watching my tv and not playing on the computer, and there I was.

I walked 5 miles tonight. Decided that was enough. It felt good though, I was worried it might be hard to get going, but no, that first mile was over before I even knew it!! Tomorrow night I'll get out and walk before I go visit my step-mom at the hospital. She's having a hysterectomy tomorrow, so she'll be in the hospital for a few days.

I got an email from MASL today, (Missouri Association of School Librarians), about the Truman selectors for next year's list. They were asking for student readers, but I emailed and asked if they needed any teachers to do it, and they told me to go ahead. So I'm excited so I can read another list. It's a lot of books, but it's so great to do. Makes me feel a part of the library world even if no one will hire me to do that.

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