Friday, August 14, 2009

First Friday Post

Tonight was a favorite Friday night for me because I got to see two movies: The Time Traveler's Wife and District 9. So I'll now do my first movie reviews on this new blog.

The Time Traveler's Wife: This was a really good book. It's been a while since I read it, but I think the movie stayed pretty true to the book. They bill it as a love story, and it is. No matter what anyone says.

District 9: Pretty good as well. An interesting new slant sort of on alien type movies. A little of the camera work that makes me kind of sick, although I'm not sure if it was that, or all the cinnamon sugar powder I put on the popcorn. But I spent part of the movie feeling nauseated. Still kind of do. So I got a diet 7-up out of the fridge when I got home.

I walked either 9 or 10 miles today, lost track for sure. Didn't quite make my goal, I still have about half a pound, but I decided that I will go ahead and open the laptop tomorrow. I figure I've worked hard all summer. I've denied myself a lot to stay on my diet, and I've walked so much that while it was a good summer, and I enjoyed walking, I didn't get any days really to just lay around all day in my pj's, which is part of what makes a teacher's summer enjoyable. So I'm also thinking tomorrow I will take a day off from walking, even though I have the time. I'm going to pretty much stay at home all day, until I go to work, or possibly also to have lunch with a friend. I will probably do my Wii fit some though, and follow my WW diet still. But it will be nice to sleep in as well. Even though I still didn't get up as early as school will make me, I rarely slept in much really, so I plan to do that tomorrow. I wish it would rain tomorrow though, that would make a perfect sleep in morning.

The pain today was still enough to make me scream. And while walking didn't bother it, as soon as I would sit down for even a minute, I'd be in pain again. So I called the doctor's office to find out if I could take tylenol like my brother said. They said I could. So far, the extra strength tylenol is a miracle worker. Now, I wasn't calculating correctly the time to take my second dose, and so I took it a few hours early, which could also possibly be what led to me feeling sick at the movies.

Okay, off to watch tv and go to bed soon. Tomorrow I may do my first book review on this blog as my main blog of the day.

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