Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st book on the lists

I picked the first book to read from the Truman list because it is actually one I'd been thinking about reading for awhile, and it was one I knew we carried in hardcover at the bookstore so that I could check it out last night. It is called Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is really good so far. I just started Chapter 11, and I'm on page 150. I intend to for sure update what page and chapter I'm on of what books every day. I've added a countdown clock to my blog to show how much time I have left to read my 50 books. It looks like I have approximately 2 days per book. We'll see how that goes!! I also intend to come up with some kind of either slide show to show the books I've finished, or else a list as I complete each book I'll add it. Didn't post yesterday because I wasn't sure what book I would start and I was tired when I got home.

So keep watch! So far Hunger Games is really good and I do want to read it whenever I'm doing something else. I think it goes with me to eat, go to the bathroom, as well as during commercials, or a half hour before bed each night. Okay, need to do some other stuff tonight.

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