Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Thursday with no must-see tv

Summer has been weird with nothing to watch on Thursday nights. I mean, from September till May, I usually have so many shows on at the same time that I have to record 2 on the DVR and one on the VCR in my bedroom. Makes me want uverse, but I don't want to switch email and all that stuff. I'm so eager though, for fall tv to get going. Survivor, The Office, Supernatural, all the other shows as well. As soon as Entertainment Weekly puts out the new fall schedule, I'll post on here what "my" fall tv schedule will be.

Got quite a bit done at school today, but not near as ready as I'd like to be. So tomorrow I'll go walk, going to try to do 10 miles, maybe weigh in, lunch, and then go into my classroom for a few hours. Don't know if we're doing movies tomorrow night. I hope so, I really want to see The Time Traveler's Wife.

Got my hair done tonight. It looks really cute, my hairstylist took a picture, I'm just waiting for her to post it on Facebook, so maybe tomorrow night I'll post it in my blog.

My hip/leg hurts a lot. This morning it hurt so bad I wanted to just scream in pain. It still isn't doing great. So I think tomorrow I'll call my doctor and tell her the Celebrex isn't helping at all. I did some online research into the sacroiliac joint issue, and the prognosis is kinda scary to me. The physical therapy sounds really painful, although I saw suggestions of massage unlike what my doctor said. I see it could have something to do with driving long distances. And I think it first started bothering me after a couple long trips I made. Maybe next Memorial Day, if school gets out earlier like it's supposed to, I can maybe ride with someone else to Branson instead of driving myself.

Not sure what else to talk about right now, kind of a boring day. So I'll try to write more later.

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