Monday, August 10, 2009

Day One

So, I feel it shows how dedicated I am to this because really right now, just home from work at the bookstore, I'd rather be up finishing the book I'm reading, which will in a day or two be my very first book review on here. I've got 4 books I've finished that I haven't reviewed yet, but I think I'll do those on My Space so that I can tell any readers I have over there, to come here for future reviews. But let's just say the book I'm reading right now is so good, I hardly want to put it down, and I will probably go upstairs and not go to sleep till I finish, EVEN though tomorrow is a school day again.

So, first, I wanted to talk about my dreams last night. For some reason I was in my grandma Viets's house. Now, it wasn't exactly the same inside, or what was on the land around it either. Not sure why I dreamed about that, and can't remember a lot of the dreams, just think it's weird that several dreams were in this same location over the last week.

This morning started out not so great, I got a little bit behind schedule before I could leave the house. The schedule we'd gotten in the mail said breakfast was from 8-8:45, so since I didn't plan to eat breakfast, I got to school at 8:30, which meant all the normal parking was gone, and my principal had started early. So I was kinda late. Oh well. I don't really care. At least we didn't have a really stupid icebreaker to do as normal.

I got through the annoying LMC presentation. Annoying because I really feel that it should be my job, even though I'm now kind of friends with her.

What else do I want to talk about tonight? Bookstore was about normal. Oh yeah, my back is bothering me even more, I was able to call and get a doctor's appointment for tomorrow when I told them the pain was moving farther down my leg. This may cut into my walking time, but I intend to still get my 5 miles done.

Okay, I'm going to watch The Big Bang Theory and then read and then go to bed! See you tomorrow. Boy, this was a pretty boring one.

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