Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of school, sort of

So today was kind of the first day of school. 6th graders, and new to the school 7th and 8th graders came for half a day. I was getting a lot done and on the road to being ready for tomorrow the first "real" day of school, until we had to meet about Greater Gator, a class which to me is a waste for all but those in the special CA or Math classes. But that's another story. Got kind of busy this weekend and forgot to blog every night. Well, part of the problem is that I opened my new laptop, which meant I got to play Sims 3. And of course, now I'm addicted.

Anyway. I still have 2 book reviews to do. I'll try to get them in tomorrow night. Hopefully the rain won't be when I get time to walk tomorrow night. I'm going to try to do 7 miles each day the next 3 days, that should get 21 miles in before I weigh in next. But my step-mom has surgery Wednesday, and I'll need to go visit her at the hospital Wednesday night. Then Thursday night there is a party at a B&N co-worker's house that I've planned to go to. It's supposed to start at 6, but I may get there a little later.

I plan to do another pork tenderloin in the crockpot while I'm at work tomorrow. Just putting it in the crockpot with a jar of taco sauce instead of salsa this time. After I get home from work, and then from walking, I'll be able to have a pork soft taco. They were so good last time, I'm hoping using the sauce instead of salsa will make it not so runny and messy. I need to see what kind of snacky food I would like to bring to the party Thursday night.

Okay, I'm going to finish watching The Big Bang Theory and go to bed. Oh yeah, got set up to record the Twilight Weekly update show on the Reelz channel tonight, so I can't wait to watch it!!

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