Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Third time is the Charm

This is my 3rd official blog, and also tonight I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the 3rd time. Saw the movie this time on IMAX. I still didn't get to see the preview for The Lightning Thief, which I'm really wanting to see because I loved those books so much.

Convocation was good today, because I never saw the one person who would have made it bad. And, I skipped out of the speeches in the middle and went and got some shopping done at Target. The bad thing is that I forgot to do some balancing in my checkbook, and I think I'm about broke now!! Oh well, what will I do? I need Friday's paycheck so bad. But Friday I need to pay my water bill, so I'll be kind of poor for a week. No cooking next week probably, just will buy what I need for easy lunches.

Only walked 5 miles, just not enough time by the time I got home, figured out my money error and then got to park. Because I needed to take a shower before I met my dad and step-mom at the movies. Tomorrow night I'll miss out on the staff party at Lyn's house because I have a hair appointment at 5. I'm excited for the hair appointment, which is going to have to go on my credit card because I'm broke. So I hope that will be okay. I also have to figure out how to get to Jacque's new salon. I'm going to stay with the same colors, but not sure about the style. I've had so many compliments lately that I'm not sure about cutting it too much.

Last thing to talk about tonight before I go to bed. The celebrex my doctor gave me seemed to be working well last night, today, not so great. I hope it does better tomorrow. Also, the Juice Plus that my brother had told me about had a booth at Convocation. I may try it, again, I'm pretty broke. Okay, almost 11, need to go to bed.

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