Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: A Promise Kept by Anissa Garcia

Book info:
TitleA Promise Kept
Author:  Anissa Garcia
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Published:  June 1st, 2016
Source:  Egalley from Barclay Publicity through Netgalley
My rating:  4 stars

I really enjoyed this book.  It was a fun story, the main character Evan was hilarious, and I loved that Grace was a romance author.  

We got the story from both  points of view. Sometimes from Grace and sometimes from Evan.  Grace is a romance author, but for her "day job" she manages some properties where she takes care of the houses and the people who move in.  At the beginning of the book she goes to one of the new resident's place because there is a plumbing emergency.  She has to leave in the middle of her own book signing, and when she gets there, it turns out not to be something that is technically an emergency, or that she can really take care of at that moment.  The person who answers the door when she gets there is movie star Evan Matthews.  Evan is immediately intrigued by this woman who can fix things and seems so much different from the women he usually meets.  What's even more intriguing is that she doesn't seem to be interested in him at all.  Or at least that's what she says.  Evan is sure that he can convince her otherwise, and he sets out to do that.  First he makes a bet over a game of cards, and he loses on purpose so that she has to go out on dates with him, AND go back to his hometown with him.  

Grace lost her brother in a terrible accident, and because it had something to do with a boy from back then, she is very much cautious about getting into a new relationship, or any relationship for that matter.  Slowly Evan works his way into her life, of course as friends first, followed by giving into the physical feelings later.  But of course Grace's past is between them, including her not wanting to reconnect with her parents, who she feels deserted her because they always blamed her for what happened to her brother.

Grace's friends are all fun, and they all like Evan and think the two of them belong together.  In the end it takes a very scary event to force Grace to face  how she really feels about Evan and decide that she can be with him, and still keep that promise she made her brother so long ago.  

I had a few issues with some of the dialogue, such as characters constantly saying the other person's name almost every time they said something to each other.  It seemed a bit much to me.  A few grammatical errors, such as "sewing oats" as opposed to "sowing oats" like it should be.  

Other than that, the story was pretty addictive, I had trouble stopping to go back to work or sleep when I was working.  Great characters, great story.