Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset

I got a copy of this book through the YA Book Exchange. through a trade with Stephanie from A Dream Within a Dream.  It was definitely a good read. I enjoyed the different things that went with the faerie mythology in this world.  But at the beginning it was a little slow, and a little confusing kind of.  Overall I did enjoy it and I need to read on in the next book to find out what will become of Selkie and Ben, as well as the prophecy about Selkie and four other faeries. 

Selkie is a girl who has always felt a little strange.  She lives with her weird aunts because her father is in a mental hospital.  Her mother she never knew.  Ben is a cute guy that she sees down at the park, and that she has a bit of a crush on, but he's also a bit odd as well. 

When it is her birthday she is really feeling off, but she tells Ben, and she and her friend also decide to start looking into who her mother was and where she might be.  But because of the questions she is asking, things start going wrong.  It turns out she has broken the enchantment that Ben had put on her and the city of Boston to keep the other faeries, including her own mother, from finding her.  It seems there is a prophecy about her helping to defeat the Seelie Court, the ones that are terrorizing everyone else.  And because of this her mother and all the other Seelies would want to kill her.  But now Selkie must go and figure out how to keep herself safe.  And before she can even think about confronting her mother, Ben is taken instead of her, and she must go to save him.

In the world it turns out that Selkie's mother doesn't want to kill her. Because she has come to the world it seems the prophecy won't turn out the way that would destroy them.  In fact, it also says that one day Ben will betray Selkie.  But Selkie won't believe it, they've made promises to each other, ones that she believes can't be destroyed by anything.  In the end Selkie will risk her own life to save Ben, and Ben, along with Selkie's aunts and friends will risk themselves to save her as well.

Definitely we are left a bit hanging at the end, needing to know what will happen between Ben and Selkie after a big secret is revealed. And that is why I will need to go on.  If you enjoy fae stories, this will be one you should read, just know that at times it is a bit slow.