Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stacking the Shelves May 12th, 2013

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  This week, only one of the books I've listed is an actual physical book, the rest are all e-galleys which I often forget to list when I do this.  So let's start with the actual book. 

My friend that I went to the RT Convention with last Saturday ended up with two copies of Just One Day by Gayle Forman, so she asked if I wanted it for a giveaway on my blog, and I said, yeah, after I get to read it! Next are 5 e-galleys:

The three shown above are all from Edelweiss, so I get a little more time before they expire sometimes, which is nice.  Especially since the first one, Once We Were, is part two of a series.  I'll have to make sure to get the first one from the library.  The 2nd one is the sequel to a book I was just in love with last year, Unspoken, and now that I've fallen in love with the author as well, I was so excited to see it available as an e-galley so I didn't have to wait!  And the 3rd one above is a prequel to another series I've not heard of before, something I wish was a little clearer on the e-galleys.  But at least since it is a prequel, it won't matter if I've read the rest of the series, After the Snow.  In fact, I would guess it will help me decide if I want to read on into this dystopian sounding series.

The two books pictured above I got from Netgalley, so they are only available for 55 days.  The first one I guess is more of a nonfiction, as it is about the history of human experiments in the medical field.  So, I asked for it, but will see if it is one I actually get through.  The second one is a collection of short stories by David Lubar about death, murder, and revenge.  It is supposedly his first book like this for teens, I guess of horror stories, as I know he does write kind of funny stories for younger age kids.  When I requested Extremities, I also got an email saying I will now be automatically approved for any Macmillan/Tor books, which is cool!  

So, 5 more added to my TBR pile, digitally anyway.  How about you?  What did you get this week?