Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books from 2017 I Wanted to Read But Didn't

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This happens every year. There are books I'm so excited about, but then I either don't get the ARC, or run out of time to get to them because of other review books.  So here is a list of the top 10 books I didn't get to last year, but had been so excited to read.




I actually got started on an e-galley of this one, but wasn't able to get it finished due to review obligations.  :-(


Even though the author thought there would be ARCs of this, there were not, so I just didn't get a chance to read it, still need to buy it.



The final book in a trilogy, there were no ARCs.  But then with all the political things, I had a hard time reading all of his posts, they were so negative and so I just kind of lost my taste to read on in his series.  I'll finish at some point, but for now, it's on the backburner.  The second book had actually strayed quite a bit from what I'd loved about the first one, and had turned into the second book which is the usual road trip.



Well, I got an ARC of this through books for trade on Twitter, but while I got started reading it, again, because of review obligations, I didn't get to it.


No ARC, so no copy  of it yet.


I had the e-galley of it, and thought I was on a tour, so I had it on the schedule to read. Then I realized that I had never received anything about the actual tour dates, so checked the tour site and saw that I had not been picked to be part of the tour.  So unfortunately, my disappointment kept me from fitting it in.  :-(

What are some books you planned to read in 2017 that you didn't get to?