Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Blog Challenge Sign Up Post

Okay, so I've thought long and hard about what challenges to sign up for in 2018.  I've decided on four.  All ones I've done in the past.  I have some ideas on how to be more successful on them as well.  So watch for my goals with each one.  I'm going to start with the ones I actually completed last year.

What I like most about this challenge hosted by Nicole at  Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at  It Starts at Midnight, is that it keeps me from just doing promos or reviews.  It gives me a chance to talk about things I might not have anyone in my "real" life to talk about. And I always like to get fun gifs to go along with them.  My goal last year was 4 discussion posts.  I'm going to stick with that number, which makes me a Discussion Dabbler according to the sign up site that I've linked the button to.

I'm not going to list off the series I intend to finish this year, just because I don't want to limit myself, and I haven't had the chance to sit down and write them all down.  Of course there are a few from the past year that I still didn't complete, but I will try those.  This one is hosted by Sandy at Somewhere Only We Know and Holly at Words Fueled by Love.  You can click the button above to sign up.  I'm only signing up for level 2 this year, which is 5-10, and my goal is 6.

I always like this challenge, hosted by Michelle at Because Reading is Better than Real Life and Laura at Trips Down Imagination Road.  Even though I don't always quite make my exact goals, it often leads me to find other ways in which I can improve my reading, blogging, or writing.  And so that is why I am signing up again.  If you like the sound of it, click on the button above and go to that site to sign up.  Here are my three goals for the year:

1.  Complete one of my WIP romance stories.  Preferably one by the end of January to enter a contest, but just one of them during the year works for me.

2.  Read the books suggested by friends.  For example, a friend at work has challenged me to read one DC comic and one Marvel comic, and see which I actually prefer, based on the comics and not just the movies.  I've also had other books recommended, such as a Kurt Vonnegut book, and I bought it, but have yet to read it.  So those are my three books I plan to read for sure this year as recommended.

3.  Cut back on tours.  I am scheduled, way over scheduled.  It cuts into writing time, and commenting on other blogs, as well as doing any extra work on my own blog.  I asked for a book on HTML for Christmas, since I want to learn how to do some of the coding myself.  So I  need more time to work on that.

So, I kind of failed miserably at this challenge last year, and I think it was because I named off what books they would be. This year, I am not going to name them ahead of time, just note them as being for this challenge as I pull them off the TBR shelves.  Once again I'm sticking with the lowest level, the Pike's Peak level - 12 books off my TBR pile.  I'm making it of course that they have to have been purchased in 2017 or earlier.  This is hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block, and you can sign up by clicking on the link in this paragraph.