Sunday, June 26, 2016

Discussion Post: Copy, Paste, Repeat - Or How Many Places Do You Post Your Reviews?

I'm a bit late this month with my 4th discussion post, as I just got too busy to get it done.  Wow, this summer is not slowing down from the school year!  Anyway, the 2016 Discussion Challenge is hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight. My first one was all about if teens are really as dumb as we think, and will expect what happens in books to be real life.  My second one was about giving ratings in your reviews.  My third one was about reviewing different age levels of books on the same blog.  You can go read my thoughts and then share what you think on those three HERE, HERE, and HERE.  This month I want to find out just where everyone posts their reviews.

I've always done on my blog for sure.  For awhile I would post the reviews on Goodreads and then use the html from that to put the review over on my blog too.  For the most part I do my full reviews still here on my blog.  But sometimes an author, especially the independently published ones, ask for you to also post your review on other sites like Amazon or Goodreads.  When they ask me to, I always do.  Of course since I work for Barnes and Noble, I then go post the review there as well, because I feel like I have to.  I just do.

But I always wonder if it is too repetitive to just copy and paste the exact same review straight from my blog.  Should I just post part of it and link back to my blog to drive the traffic back here?  I often do that on Goodreads. But I don't think I can do that on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Plus, my blog reviews don't have really creative titles, but on Amazon it seems like you want your review title to be catchy so you get people to read the review.  And since on my blog my review almost always contains my own little personal synopsis of the story, do I need to do that on Amazon?  Or should I just put only the opinion parts of my review?


Since I've been reading so many more indie authors as free e-books lately, I feel like I need to make sure I not only review on my blog, but back on Amazon too.  But I don't always get it done, because so many of my reviews are scheduled in advance now that I am a bit behind on reviews.

So, my discussion today is really because I need your input and opinions on what you do, and how important you feel this topic is.  Please, please chime in below and help me figure this out!