Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: Erased (Altered #2) by Jennifer Rush

Hi everyone!  I have of course been kind of out of it sine I had surgery on Wednesday.  I actually finished this book Tuesday night, late, but haven't had time review it since then.  Doctor said the surgery went just fine and I am healing well.  However the pain medicine is making me sleepy, so sitting up to do much doesn't happen.  In fact, there may be a lot of typos and such in this as I'm still having trouble with heavy eyelids.  My thought was that maybe doing this would help me stay awake more.

If you haven't read the first book in this series, you may not want to read much further than this first sentence or so.  I did really enjoy the first one in the series, Altered, and it was one of the books I got when I attended BEA for the fist time in 2012.  One of the things you can see in my review of the first one is that I'd wished for a bit more science  Yes, we got some new science in this second story, but it still didn't give me quite as much as I'd wished for.  So I am glad to see there is a 3rd book coming out in 2015, as well as a kind of short prequel available at this time.  Once again when I get some money I'll have to buy it.  Okay, possible spoilers for the first book coming up, so STOP reading now.

Anna is now on the run with Sam, Nick, and Cas, after the Branch attacked the farmhouse where they were staying.  Now on the run, they are looking for anything that might help them finally be free of the Branch.  To get their lives back to as normal as possible.  Along the way they find more boys like them, and Anna even finds and rescues her sister Dani.  Trev even offers some help, which Anna nd the others are leery to take after he betrayed them in the first book.  Anna doesn't really remember much about her sister, or her life growing up.  In this book she finds out some of the reasons for that.  She learns more about her past, as well as Sam, Nick, and Cas's past lives before.  Anna learns that Nick may not always have been this surly and hateful towards her.  But now, she must decide how much can she trust her sister, who also used to be in love with Sam like Anna is now.  She learns of an Uncle Will, and again, doesn't know how much she can trust anyone who once may have worked or been involved with the Branch.

Another good, on the road kind of story.  Which I've mentioned before how it seems the 2nd book in a trilogy is often like that.  But I'd say it wasn't a bad way, it was still interesting, once again like the first book, so hard to put down.  So my advice is to get ahold of this and read on in the series!  I wasn't disappointed, and I don't think you will be either.