Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? - June 9th, 2014

This weekly meme is sponsored by Book Journey, and we talk about things we read last week, and our plans for what we'll read this coming week. 

Last Week:

So, the beginning of last week I was still in New York City after BEA, still visiting with my sister.  I didn't get hardly any reading done for being at a book convention, but that's okay.  Plus, my sister kept me pretty busy so I didn't always get much reading done even after BEA was over.  But once I got home last week, I picked up my books and got to reading.  I had three reviews I posted last week, although one I finished before I got to NYC, and just didn't have any time to read or blog during BEA and spending time with my sister.  So technically, all I actually read last week were these two:
Now I really, really tried to read The Strange Maid by Tessa Gratton, I have an e-galley of it.  But for some reason I just haven't been able to spend the time really needed to concentrate on the story.  Whenever I did have time that I could just read and there was nothing else to distract me, I really was getting into it.  But the e-galley expires on Wednesday, and the book I'm currently reading expires then. So I decided to read The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings, and wait to finish Gratton's book for when I actually get a physical copy of it, because I will own it some day, as I own all her books.

I was able to get back to blogging at the rate I want to, with three reviews including Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore, and three days of BEA recap:  Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.  

This week:

As I said above, I'm currently reading The Murder Complex, so that will probably be reviewed tomorrow.  I may do a Wishlist Wednesday recap talking about which bloggers I met at BEA, since I did a post beforehand about which ones I wanted to meet.  Not sure yet about that.  I'm going to try really hard to get Don't You Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn read before my e-galley of it expires on Wednesday as well.  Afterwards, not sure what other book I'll pick up.  Maybe finally get around to reading City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare so that I can be ready to read City of Heavenly Fire.  I'll also do a Stacking the Shelves post this week, with the few books I've gotten that weren't from BEA and featured already.  I did get a few off of Edelweiss today in fact.  And then there were some that I didn't get ARCs of at BEA, so I immediately went and downloaded them from Edelweiss as well!