Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: The One (The Selection #3) by Kiera Cass

All I can say is that this was just a WOW book for me.  A spectacular, emotional, perfect ending to a trilogy that I've loved so much.  There were about 2 points in the book that I was soooo afraid it would end up being like Allegiant, definitely a good, believable ending, but not what I wanted to be happy.  But in the end, even with having to lose some major characters as is only fitting to be realistic, it all turned out perfectly, in my opinion that is.  I'm sure others may not agree.  And there was an extra little story from one of America's maid's viewpoints that I really loved at the end!  Okay, I'm going to try really hard not to be too spoilery in my review, but of course, if you haven't read the first 2 books, you'd probably better stop  now.

We are getting close the end of the selection.  We are down to the last 4 girls, Celeste, America, Kristi, and Elise.  The palace is being constantly attacked by the rebels.  Yet it seems the Northern rebels may be on more of the same path with Prince Maxon's ideas than thought before, and there are actually two of the girls that would definitely win them over to the Prince's side, should he choose one of them.  America knows that she loves Prince Maxon, but doesn't want to give up on Aspen at first, because she still isn't sure if Maxon will choose her, as he still is spending his time with the other girls.  The girls do grow closer, sharing how far they've gone with Maxon, kissing, etc.  And after talking to the queen, they learn that many of her closest friends now, were with her in her own Selection.  Maxon is still dealing with the King not wanting to give him a chance, and even trying to get rid of American, as he does not approve of the somewhat rebellious things she often does in front of the public.  The danger begins to hit closer to home, as the rebels now start threatening the families of the girls in the Selection.  A tragedy causes America to have to go home, and it is while she is away that Maxon decides for sure who he wants to be with.

I love how much more we learn about Maxon, getting a glimpse at his love of photography when we get a peek at his room with America.  And while I agree with most of America's reasons for when she doesn't want to tell Maxon she loves him, there are several times that I was yelling at the book, telling her to TELL HIM!!  Just say it!  Such a mess just for stubbornness.  We get to see Aspen finally realizing that it is more than America just trying to win, that she does have feelings for Maxon.  There is so much that I loved in this book.  I could just go on and on, and can't wait to meet the author for my second time tonight, and this time, I can really just fangirl about her!  This was one worth waiting for, and one I couldn't put down.  Picked it up about 4 pm on Tuesday, and finished it Wednesday night at about 8 pm.  Only reason it took that long was because I had to work.