Monday, February 15, 2010

Take a Chance on Me by Susan Donovan

This was your basic romance book. I'd read another book by this author called He Loves Lucy. I enjoyed it, and this was okay, but almost too much your stereotypical romance. And one thing, it is like FOREVER before they actually have sex. It's kind of a big tease, even in the chapter where they finally do, it takes page after page after page leading up to it. Seriously. It was frustrating. I did enjoy the little dog, and can't remember if my sister has read this yet, but if not, the dog is a little chinese crested, like her dog.

Okay book, I won't read again, and will probably not keep this, I'll put it in a garage sale. It's actually not a strip cover believe it or not.
Later tonight I'll post my review of The Guinea Pig Diaries by A.J. Jacobs.