Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Confessions of a Serial Dater by Michelle Cunnah

I've enjoyed another book by Michelle Cunnah called Call Waiting. Another bargain book find. Confessions of a Serial Dater was one I ordered in, but still a bargain book. She is one author on my list to check in the computer every so often for her books in bargain. Her other book 32AA I haven't yet read, it kind of kept me a bit off due to the fact that I'm a bit larger chested, and wasn't sure I'd quite relate to someone like that. But after this book, I know that whoever her heroine is, I'm sure I'll enjoy the read.

Rosie is our main character, and she has a boyfriend named Jonathan. Now, she once told him her shoe size, but 2 sizes smaller than real life, because she was ashamed of how big her feet are. And so he buys her some really expensive shoes, but the problem is they are too small. The story starts out at a work event for her boyfriend with his obnoxious, lecherous boss. The fact that her boyfriend doesn't stick up for her when his boss comes onto her, well, it pretty much is a last straw. And it just so happens at this same event is a very handsome, charming doctor. Kind of a knight in shining armor as he picks her up and carries her because of her uncomfortable shoes.

He seems like the perfect guy, but like all good chick lit, there is a problem with him, or so she thinks. I loved this book because some of the ways she acted are the ways I do. Like, she acts like she's not really interested when she is, just because she thinks the guy isn't really interested, he's just acting like it. I so have always felt that way. I wonder how many opportunities I've missed because I doubted a guy was really interested, and so I played it way cool to not get hurt or made fun of.

And you know this is a really fun book if I have some actual pages/quotes to share in my review. The first thing I liked was about the fantasies she has about "Dr. Love" as she calls him before she learns his name. Her fantasies are love at first sight, although hers are more romantic than erotic she says, and mine often take a turn towards the latter really quickly. Another thing about her fantasies that is just like mine, is that she is always dressed really sexy, and her makeup and hair are perfectly done. Basically she looks hot. I rarely wear makeup in real life, and rarely look hot, but in my fantasies, I always do! And, later in the book, her fantasy is of being in a wedding dress, with Luke, Dr. Love, in a rumpled groom's suit. And she's skipped the wedding and gone right to the honeymoon. I often skip right from the whole first date/falling in love part in my fantasies, to the point where I'm settled in the relationship with the guy and getting married/etc. Jumping way forward.

The only complaint I had about this book, was that it was often that there were long periods where Luke, the dream guy, wasn't around. And I wanted him there. So it was my impatience that made me feel bored sometimes. But I do highly recommend it, and will be looking for her other book 32AA soon.

My current book is also laugh out loud funny. I should be done in a day or two and blog soon after.

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