Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Luck by Whitney Gaskell

I've read at least one other book by Whitney Gaskell, Pushing 30, and I really enjoyed it. She is one of the authors that I look for her books to go on bargain. And this was another fun read.

The main character is a teacher, so obviously something I have in common with her, which is always something that draws my interest. Well, on the worst day of her life, she's accused of sexually harrassing a male student and gets fired, and then when she goes home because of being fired in the middle of the day, she finds her boyfriend cheating on her in their house! She just so happens to buy a lottery ticket that day because of her friend talking about it, and guess what, she wins! So what I wish would happen to me. Well, at the same time the press finds out about her firing, and all of a sudden she's in the middle of a media circus. So an old friend calls and offers her a chance to hide out in Palm Beach. She gets a makeover, new hair color, clothes, etc. And tries to figure out what she's going to do with all this money as her friends and family begin to get weird about it. One friend won't take the check she sends. Her sister turns into Bridezilla thinking of how much money she can try to spend on her wedding. She meets 2 guys there,and there's the chick lit part.

Such a fun story, I will be looking for the other Whitney Gaskell stories soon!

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