Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mutant by Peter Clement

While I have one book posted as what I'm reading right now, I'm actually usually reading 2-3 books at any one time. I picked up Mutant, a stripped cover book to read yesterday. It is a medical thriller. But I'm going to take a (web)page from my friend Charlotte, and not read books that I just can't get into or decide not to read for whatever reason, because I have too many sitting in my office, as well as so many others I want to read, and life is short.

I chose to toss this book out as its main theme is genetically engineered food as the "evil" and I'm not a real fan of this. People don't quite understand that we have been genetically engineering food since we first selected the best of a crop to take the seeds from. And when we choose the best animals to breed. And there are good things done by science. Yes, there are bad things, but I just don't agree with setting up big scares over things constantly. So, I choose not to waste my time on this book.

I picked up Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub, another stripped cover book. While I could never get into the Talisman, a friend said this was really good and I could read it without having read the other. And I am a huge Stephen King fan, so I'm trying it. I have to say so far, it's not grabbing my attention. I'll give it another day, then it may go the way of Mutant.

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