Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dispatch by Bentley Little

I always pick up Bentley Little books at the store and the back cover reads like something I'd be very interested in. Then, half the time I pick them up and have trouble getting into them. They're rarely what I expect them to be.

This one took a looooooooong time to get to what the main story was thought to be from the summary. It ended weird, had an interesting twist to it. Not sure that I liked it though. It's about a guy who writes letters that get things done. Most of the time he doesn't write as himself, he uses an alias, or pretends to be someone else writing about himself, etc. He gets strange mail showing that someone knows what he is doing. And one day, he gets a job offer to do his letter writing for real purpose. And it all gets kind of weird at that point. I don't know. It actually made me consider tossing all the other stripped copies of Bentley Little books I have as I don't know how much this was really worth reading. Eh. We'll see.

I have 2 more book reviews to do after this. I'm a bit behind on my blogging again.

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