Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Debut Authors Bash - Featuring Alison Gervais's Dream Cast For Her Debut Novel: In 27 Days #17DABash

I'm participating in this fun yearly event once again hosted by YA Reads.  I'm lucky enough to be posting about two authors this year, so be sure to check my post earlier this month HERE.  I read In 27 Days this past summer, and you can check out my review of it HERE

Book info: TitleIn 27 Days
Author:  Alison Gervais
Genre:  YA Contemporary, Magical Realism
Release Date: 
July 25th, 2017 (Originally on Wattpad May 28th, 2012)
Publisher:  Blink YA Books


Hadley Jamison receives an unexpected shock when she hears her classmate, Archer Morales, committed suicide. She didn’t know the quiet, reserved guy very well, but Hadley can’t shake the feeling that there was something she could have done to help him. Little does she know, she will actually have the chance. At Archer’s funeral, Hadley is approached by a man named Death who offers her a deal—if she accepts, she will be sent back twenty-seven days in time to prevent Archer from committing suicide. 

Twenty-seven days was the length of time it took for Archer to decide to kill himself, and twenty-seven days is all Hadley has to succeed in saving him. Unfortunately, Archer isn’t exactly on the same page. Despite his cold comebacks and aloof exterior, Hadley knows he needs her, and continues to pursue a friendship with him. Archer begins softening up, and Hadley believes that her mission to save him will be a success. 

But just when Hadley is beginning to feel confident, a series of dangerous accidents occur. She and Archer are pushed apart, and she must decide whether she is ready to risk everything—including her own life—to keep Archer safe.

Author's Dream Movie Cast

Hadley Jamison - Lucy Hale

Archer Morales: Tom Holland

Death: Misha Collins

Regina Morales: Rose Byrne

Victoria Incitti: Kathy Bates

About the Author:
Alison Gervais joined the website for aspiring writers, Wattpad, her sophomore year of high school, and In 27 Days followed a few months later. In 27 Days has gone on to win a Watty Award, become the #1 title in the Adventure category, and secure nearly 20 million reads. Alison now attends the University of Colorado Pueblo pursuing a creative writing degree. If she's not writing or studying for classes, she can be found re-reading Harry Potter, watching Supernatural, or trying to win the affection of her two cats, Kovu and Rocket.  

Blink publishes authentic and immersive content that engages and inspires young adult readers, from cutting-edge plotlines to fantasy to romance to contemporary classics. For more information please visit