Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blog Tour: Review with Giveaway - Ultimate Sacrifice by S.E. Green

Book info:
Title:  Ultimate Sacrifice
Author:  S.E. Green
Publication date: October 3rd, 2017
Genres: Horror, Young Adult
 Vickie has always lived a quiet, ordinary life in an equally quiet and ordinary small town. Yet one fateful night a child turns up dead in the woods behind her house in a ritualistic slaughter. Vickie and her family are suddenly thrown into a national spotlight. But as the investigation unfolds, she begins to realize her family isn’t so ordinary after all. Evil is inching closer to those she holds dear and Vickie isn’t sure who she can ultimately trust.

Book Trailer:

My Review:
My rating:  5 stars

This book was amazing!  I picked it up to start reading at lunch last Friday, and had so much trouble putting it down to go back to work.  It was so good that when I got home after work, I picked it back up and started reading as soon as I got home.  I couldn't put it down!  Instead of watching any tv that night, I sat and finished reading this book.  In one day.  The story is really the perfect set up for a horror movie, the kind that I always make sure to get to the theater to see whenever one comes out.  Now, while because I do go see those movies a lot, I had an inkling of something happening like what ended up happening, I didn't see it going the way it did, so I was still sitting on the edge of my seat until we got to that part at the end, and finally I saw just where and how it was all going to go.  And again, even though it went the way you'd probably expect a horror movie/book to go, the author kept you thinking you had to be wrong, that you were just expecting it because of your past experiences with those types of stories, as she threw out one red herring after another.  A false lead here, more circumstantial evidence there, and then a backtrack as to why that couldn't be the answer, because something else was actually what had to have happened.  Did those last two sentences confuse you?  Good, because that is how on the edge you'll be while you read this story and try to do your own detective work to solve the mystery.

If you like a book that is exactly like watching a good scary, horror movie, this is the book for you.  It is out in perfect time for a scary Halloween read this year, and I hope that the movie rights get sold to this, so that I can one day see it on the big screen!  

Author Bio:
S. E. Green (aka Shannon Greenland) is the award winning author of the thriller, KILLER INSTINCT, the spy series, THE SPECIALISTS, and the romances, THE SUMMER MY LIFE BEGAN and SHADOW OF A GIRL. She lives off the coast of Florida with her very grouchy dog. ULTIMATE SACRIFICE is her debut YA horror, due out October 2017.