Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: After Our Kiss by Nora Flite

Book info:
TitleAfter Our Kiss
Author:  Nora Flite
Genre: Adult dark romance
Release Date:  August 29, 2017
Source:  E-galley from author for review
My rating:  4 stars

He isn't my savior. He's the man who's here to break me.

I was thirteen when I was kidnapped. 

Fourteen when he helped me escape. 

Twenty-three before I ever saw him again. 

His face is all over the news: he's a wanted man, now. Maybe my memory played tricks on me… but he looks so different. The boy who saved me years ago had a shy smile and dark, soulful eyes full of secrets.

This man has a hard jaw and a harder mouth. Lips that could never whisper sweet promises. 

I knew him as a hero—my savior. I refuse to believe he could become a villain. 

Not him. 

Then he abducts me, proving me wrong.

He tells me he's going to take me apart and put me back together again. Make me what he needs me to be: a plaything for a monster.

It's the fate I escaped when I was fourteen. And that's when I finally understand. 

He was never my hero. 

He's the man who's going to break me.

My Review:
This is definitely a dark romance, you would probably call it a Stockholm Syndrome story in a way.  Georgia is the girl kidnapped. Conway is the son of her kidnapper, who helps her survive while she is being held captive.  She does escape, and goes on to try to live her life.  But when she gets a bit older, she is kidnapped again, and once again Conway is there as a part of it.  Only this time he says he will not be able to help her, that he has to do as his father asks.  But Georgia doesn't want to believe it of him.  Even through it all, she holds out hope that maybe the Conway who was what kept her going the first time is still there, and that he still cares for her and will help her in the end.

This is a dark story, for sure. While there isn't too much of the sex when she is a young girl, she is lucky that time around for the most part, her second kidnapping isn't as easy.  The only good thing is that most of it takes place with Conway, before his dad is supposed to show up.  His younger brother, who was a creeper when she was younger, is there though, and is part of what is going on.  

There is a happy ending, but there is a lot of horrible things for Georgia to survive this time around, including the loss of hope when it seems Conway isn't the man she'd always dreamed of finding again one day to show her gratitude to.  

If you like that kind of a story, then this is a good one.  It was a quick read, and one that was hard to put down as I was reading.    

Of course, one bonus, what drew me to the book in the first place, was the cover model, Jonny James.  He is one of my favorite!  Especially after meeting him last spring.