Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Tinder Nightmares by Unspirational

Book info:
TitleTinder Nightmares
Author:  Unspirational
Genre: Nonfiction/humor
Published:  November 17th, 2015
Source:  Purchased book myself at Barnes and Noble
My rating:  3 stars

Okay, I love the Damn You Autocorrect books.  Any time that I see one of those posts, I get to laughing so hard at times that I'm crying and having trouble breathing.  When I saw this book at work one day, I flipped it open to a couple different pages, and each of those pages had something so funny that I figured the whole book would do the same as the DYAC books did.  Unfortunately, while there were some really hilarious ones in there, some were just kind of stupid, and I'm guessing included as filler maybe?  Of course not that my sense of humor is the only one that is right, it's possible other people reading this book may find those funnier than I did.

The book is sorted into 9 different types of posts:  Pickup lines, Bad English, Persistence, Broetry, Booty calls, Strange requests, Shot down, Sneak Attacks, and Random Weirdness.  Within each section were some hilarious examples of true messages received by people through the Tinder dating app.  Honestly there's not that much else to share about the book, it's pretty self explanatory what it is about. Oh, one other thing I really like though, is that after each example, the authors of the book have put a little comment that often makes the whole message even funnier.

So what I will share are just a few examples from the book that I found hilarious.  This might be a book you would want to check out from the library to read, but probably not something you would want to spend your money on, in my opinion.

I've tried to pick out one page from each section for the pictures below.

Pickup Lines

Bad Grammar



Booty Calls

 Strange Requests

Shot Down

 Sneak Attacks

Random Weirdness

So, do you have any experience with Tinder?  I've played around with the app a few times, did some swiping left and some swiping right.  I've had people like me that I also liked, but I've never had any conversations past one line from them and then I answer, then nothing back.  So, yeah.  I'm still looking.  And not a fan of online dating, or apps really.  But in honor of Valentine's Day, I thought this would be a fun book to review and share with you.


  1. My experience with Tinder has been much the same, but oh man, this is HILARIOUS!

    1. Several in the book were hilarious, but not all of them. It's fun to read, I just wouldn't spend my money on it if I went back in time and had the chance to change my mind.


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