Friday, December 7, 2018

Review Blitz: Jock Rule (Jock Hard #2) by Sara Ney


Book info: 
TitleJock Rule
Author:  Sara Ney
SeriesJock Hard #2
Genre:  New Adult sports romance
Release Date:  December 6th, 2018
Source:  E-galley received from InkSlinger PR which did not influence my opinion
My rating:  5  stars

Kip Carmichael is no pretty boy.

He's a rough. Dirty. Giant. Hair so unruly, and a beard so thick, his friends on the team call him Sasquatch.

The first time Sasquatch lays eyes on Theodora "Teddy" Johnson across the keg at a party one night on Jock Row, she'd been relegated to the sidelines by her jock hungry "friends."

Week-after-week, he watches beautiful but bashful Teddy getting overshadowed, and overlooked. 
Sasquatch finally broad shoulders his way through the crowd, offering to to be her hairy godmother. But the minute their eyes meet? He's a goner.

Teaching her the RULES for winning a jock will be the easy part. Not falling in love with her is going to be a losing game.

My Review:
Oh my gosh, I want my own Kip!  I remember a time when any guy with facial hair was a yuck for me.  I preferred them like I guess Kip used to be, nice and clean-shaven and preppy.  But ever since a certain American Idol winner (David Cook), I've really been into guys with facial hair. And I'd have to say ever since Jason Momoa, I've been into the mountain men type of guys, like Kip.  Now at first, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the description of Kip, because just the style of beard and hair in a man bun made me picture Jason Momoa.  And mmm-hmm, that was a nice picture.  Then I read a description of him as having dirty blond hair, and I realized that wasn't quite the right image that I had in my mind.  

But never mind the image, what really makes me want a Kip of my own was his funny banter with Teddy.  I was laughing so much at all their conversation, and the sarcasm and the snark, and it was just perfect!  And it wasn't just their banter, it was the fun conversations with the other rugby girls that Teddy met at Kip's match.  It was the texting between Kip and his sister Ronnie.  

There were so many things about this story that were just realistic to me as well.  So often I feel that characters do things in stories just to create drama, that people wouldn't really behave that way.  I love that Kip didn't go off and get weird with Teddy when he realized she was poor.  That he didn't assume she was after him for his money when she came to his house.  I like how his parents really were, not that they were the snobby rich people you might assume from his own anecdotes and thoughts about them.  I like that even though Teddy wanted to defend her friends, she actually realized pretty quickly that they weren't the best friends, and that she could do better.  And I really liked how they behaved after the whole first time of fooling around.  It was nice to see the awkwardness be there, but also be realistically dealt with, without going overboard and creating more drama in the story just for the sake of having more drama.

Once again I loved this author's story.  I can't wait for more from her, although I still have a couple of her first series to go back and read, so it's not like I can't get my fix!

About the Author:
Sara Ney is the USA Today bestselling author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte's, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog.  

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