Sunday, September 23, 2018

Discussion Post: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover, or a Narrator by their Voice

I'm so far behind on my goal for discussion posts this year.  I had lots of ideas, but ran out of time.  As I've been listening to an audiobook with one of my favorite narrators this past week, I started thinking about how much I want to know what this narrator looks like.  If you're a romance audiobook fan, then you probably will recognize the name, Sebastian York.  His voice, it's just wowza.  It's like sex on tape.  Reminiscent of Barry White you might say.


Sorry about that, but I've been waiting to use this Castiel gif forever.  

Anyway, as far as I know, Sebastian York is one of those narrator mysteries, like Joe Arden and Shane East (although I think the last one is actually a pseudonym for Steve West).  

Of course, all I can think about is my lessons learned when I was a kid with the people on the radio.  I'd picture someone based on their voice, and then when they actually were somewhere live, or on TV or something, they looked soooooooooooo different from what my brain had built up as I listened to them.  

First, listen to Sebastian York's voice:

In my head, I see a very tough, muscular guy.  Like the covers of some of the books he narrates.

In one of the books by Meghan March that I listened to, I pictured him like the movie star Shemar Moore:

And even though I've met Jonny James, and you can hear him speak in the videos he often does on Facebook, I sometimes picture Sebastian York's voice with Jonny's looks.

And then there are the pictures posted on his? Twitter account, that look a lot like Tyler Hoechlin, the actor from MTV's Teen Wolf TV series.

But, as with my radio personality lesson, I can't help but wonder how far off my brain and ears are when they decide what he must look like.   Is he really a scrawny, skinny, nerdy guy?  (Okay with me, I like nerdy guys too!)  Is he an old man with a deep voice?  You've always got the James Earl Jones/Darth Vader voice as well!  What in the world could he possibly look like?

Anyway, it doesn't really matter.  I wish I had a recording of his voice, that wasn't a book I was listening to and wanted to stay awake to hear it all.  I'd put it on and fall asleep with his voice playing, hopefully giving me the types of dreams I could really enjoy.


Oooh, that gif reminds me I could totally see his voice coming from someone who looks like Jensen Ackles.

Here comes the discussion part.  Are you an audiobook fan?  Do you have any voices that you enjoy listening to as much as I love Sebastian York's voice?  If you are a fan of him as well, what do you think he looks like?  I'd love to see your picture ideas!  Drop a picture or link in the comments below for me.  

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