Thursday, September 27, 2018

Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: Love You S'more (The Campfire Series #3) by Beth Merlin

Book info:
Title: Love You S’more
Author:  Beth Merlin
Series: The Campfire Series #3
Published by: Firefly Hill Press
Publication date: September 25th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary
Source:  E-galley from Xpresso Tours which did not influence my opinion
My rating:  5 stars

Having successfully designed the wedding gown of the century, Gigi Goldstein is on top of the world – that is until it all suddenly comes crashing down around her. When the paparazzi captures her and Perry Gillman in a compromising moment the night of the royal wedding, she finds herself entangled in a scandal of global proportion. Convinced her carelessness has ruined every relationship in her life, she’s surprised and moved by her boyfriend, Gideon’s, sudden proposal of marriage and accepts it without a second thought.
Four months later, Gigi’s living at Badgley Hall contemplating an entirely new kind of life, while guilt, regret, and obligation keep calling her back to her old one. Will Gigi stay in South Gloucestershire, marry Gideon, and become the Countess of Harronsby?
Or, will unfinished opportunities and an old flame bring her back across the pond to confront her past and reclaim her future?

My Review:
You should probably read my review of book 2, S'more to Lose, before you go on with this review, because I can't promise not to spoil anything.  Before I go any farther, I will tell you that I really, really, really liked this one though!  If you haven't started the series at all, maybe you want to go back to my review of book 1, One S'more Summer.    Okay, you've been warned, don't go on!  I'll try not to do many spoilers for this book, but like I said, can't promise for the first two.

So, the 2nd book ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, and so I wasn't quite sure where exactly we'd end up starting this 3rd book.  I wasn't necessarily happy to see that Gigi and Gideon had decided to make it work.  That she wasn't going to try with Perry, because I really like Perry.  But things unfold the way you would expect, and soon Gigi knows that her life with Gideon probably wouldn't give her the chance to realize her dreams in fashion.  So when a chance to go work with a big fashion show in NYC comes up, at the same time she must go back to fulfill a final obligation for her reality tv show contract, things really start to switch up.  Of course she'll run into Perry. And of course, she'll have to go see his amazingly successful Broadway show, Elizabeth.  Perry even sets up a very special, personal showing of his play for Gigi.  

In this book Gigi has to figure out where exactly she wants to go with her fashion designing future.  She also gets a visit with a blast from the past, her ex, Joshua.  And when it even starts to stray towards maybe he might be interested in her, I know that I was still all about being team Perry.  I finished this book smiling, loving how the author wrapped everything up.  This is a sweet little romance series, one that I think needs much more recognition and attention than it gets!

Author Bio:
Beth Merlin has a BA from The George Washington University where she minored in Creative Writing and a JD from New York Law School. She’s a native New Yorker who loves anything Broadway, rom-coms, her daughter Hadley, and a good maxi dress. She was introduced to her husband through a friend she met at sleepaway camp and considers the eight summers she spent there to be some of the most formative of her life. One S’more Summer is Beth’s debut novel.