Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Spine Poetry - Why am I just now hearing about this?

Wow, I can't believe I've never heard of this!  This is something I've kind of done in the past.  When I was working at the bookstore and would carry piles of books that customers just left sitting out for me to put away.  I didn't ever consciously arrange them to make a poem, but I've kind of read the titles together in my mind.  I'm not participating in any challenge or contest with this, but I did find it on Oh Chrys!'s blog. So thanks to her for turning me on to this really fun idea!  I plan to do more of these in the future as I have time!

Warm Bodies, Flesh & Bone,
Days of Blood and Starlight,
Invisible World Rise
Kill Me Softly

So, what do you think?  Everyone should try it!!  


  1. wow. That is really super. I like this idea! and nice poem. Might have to give it a go as well.


    1. Thanks! It was fun! I'm thinking it might be a fun Sunday post to do on weeks that I need another post or don't have a review to post.


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