Saturday, December 1, 2012

2013 Truman Possibility 19: Tunnel Vision by Susan Shaw

I'm not a huge fan of this book.  It was kind of an interesting story.  It's about a girl, Liza, who is walking home from school one day, when all of a sudden her mother is shot.  She passed some guys in a tunnel on her way home, but she didn't really look at them, because she was kind of creeped out, and was just trying to get home.  As horrible as this is, it doesn't end there.  The next day a guy tries to kill her right on her front step.  And it is at that time that they realize the guys she saw, that she barely remembers seeing, are wanted by the FBI.  And Liza and her father are immediately put in the witness protection program.  The first place they go, they're almost caught there.  And it seems each new place doesn't work out.  Something always slips.  First it is that the news runs a story on them, and Liza's long, bright red hair gains attention.  Not to mention the reward out on them.  This story doesn't really end, as they have to stay on the run.  They keep having to move.  So you never really get to see Liza find a new place to live and make friends.  It was an interesting look at being in the witness protection program, and finding yourself there after being a witness without really knowing that you witnessed something.  And I guess it is a look at how there aren't always going to be happy perfect endings.
Not much else to say.  That's my review for this.