Monday, April 9, 2012

Ghost Whisperer: Revenge by Doranna Durgin

I enjoyed the tv series this book is based on, and saw the books at the bookstore where I work.  When they became strip cover books at the store, I took one or two of them home, and now that the series is no longer being filmed, I decided it was time to read them to get my fix of the show.  Well, actually, I started reading this in September of 2010.  I was keeping it in my car for when I went places and forgot to bring a book to read.  I had been keeping books from the tv series The 4400, and those were always good for reading.  But now that I have the Nook app on my iphone, and I'm doing better with bringing books with me, I didn't really get around to reading it.  Plus, this book really needed to be read within shorter breaks, because it got kind of hard to keep up with the story when I hadn't read it in a while.  So I brought it in the house and kept it by my nice Jacuzzi tub so that when I was reading on my Nook, or a book I'd checked out from the store, I would have a book I didn't mind if it accidentally got wet or dropped in the tub. 
GRRRRRR!!  I just hit a key and it deleted my whole 2nd paragraph of this review!  Then it automatically saved without it like 1 second!  Okay, let's see if I can remember what all I said.  First I had some complaints about the characters, Rick Payne, who was played by Jay Mohr, his character didn't seem to have quite the same part in helping Melinda as he did in the show.  Then Delia, played by Camryn Manheim, seemed way more accepting of Melinda's "talent" than she did in the actual show.  But again, not exactly sure maybe when in the timeline this was supposed to have occurred.  Other than that, it really played just like an episode of the show.  I liked that you didn't know who the killer was till the end.  There were 3 ghosts bothering Melinda.  One that knew exactly why he wanted to exact revenge on, even if the person he chose wasn't actually the killer, just someone who didn't do anything to help him.  The other seemed really confused, didn't know who he was or what he wanted, or at least couldn't really communicate with Melinda.  All he could do was keep repeating "swing, batter, batter, swing" and usually at times that it warned Melinda to upcoming danger.  But soon we learned the connection between the ghosts.  And the way their issues were solved was a good way I think.  I'll be sure to read the next book I have from this series in a similar way.  But I may skip to one about the tv series Eureka next.  Especially since that show only has part of a season left before it is cancelled.