Monday, April 23, 2012

Dark Souls by Paula Morris

Dark SoulsDark Souls by Paula Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book from our school book fair last October. Then I put it in a cabinet at school because I used to keep a book to read at school. Well, mostly this year I've been bringing the actual book I've been reading with me to and from school each day. So, I completely forgot I had this book till I went to look for something else in that cabinet. So I got it home, and picked it up to read. Once again it was a good read from Paula Morris. I first learned of her from the book Ruined, which I also really enjoyed. Again we have a girl kind of out of her comfort zone, as our main character is Miranda who has moved to York with her parents while they are there on business/work. Miranda and her brother have a bad memory when they were in an accident and Miranda's best friend was killed in the car her brother was driving. Since then her brother can't stand to be in small places. And Miranda thinks she can now see ghosts. So, this town in England, of course, has lots of ghosts. And soon Miranda begins wondering how many ghosts she's seen that she didn't realize were ghosts. She also meets a guy named Nick who can see ghosts. And he offers to help her learn about the whole deal of seeing ghosts. Not only is Nick kind of cute, Miranda sees a really handsome guy in the attic across from where they're staying. But she soon figures out from what Nick has taught her about ghosts that the hot guy is also a ghost.
There are lots of little connections, and some really interesting history of the town in this book. It kept me wondering and guessing who could be the so called bad guy that kept tearing up one of the local bars. And what is Nick really all about? Miranda soon learns who he really is, even if he does keep being really secretive. And his secrets could get Miranda and her family in some serious danger.
A great ghost story, with a really good ending. I look forward to reading more books by Paula Morris.
This book also makes my TBR list.

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