Monday, July 9, 2012

My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

So I'm actually reading this as part of the compilation book Soul Screamers Volume 1.  This is 0.5 in the series.  And let me say, this is one of the best "extra" stories to go with a series that I have ever read.  Of course since I've already read the first in the series, I know what is happening to Kaylee.  In the first book, this incident was referred back to several times, but just the main thing that happened.  In this book, *SPOILER ALERT* Kaylee first starts her wailing, as a banshee, or a bean sidhe as they are technically called.  But she doesn't know what she is, or why she can't stop.  And it happens in the middle of a shopping mall, and she even begans scratching at her own throat trying to stop it.  And this last bit is what gets her in a mental hospital ward, strapped down to a bed until she wakes up and calms down.  But there is something even more interesting going on here.  There is another girl in this hospital ward that seems to be seeing something, or knowing something is going on.  And when Kaylee gets the urge to do the wailing again, this girl, Lydia, is able to help her stop by somehow taking the pain away from Kaylee.  Unfortunately it is about this time that Kaylee's aunt and uncle come back to get her out of the mental ward, because as we know, they know she doesn't belong there.  So now, I really want to know what happened to Lydia, and why she can do what she can do.  I'm reading on to the 2nd book now, My Soul to Save, so I know I have quite a few more to go.  I'm hoping that maybe Lydia, or a similar person will show up later on in the series!  Once again Rachel Vincent has sucked me into a great story!!  And so it was so exciting to meet her at BEA, even though I didn't get in line in time to get a book signed. But she was so nice she did have an extra copy of Before I Wake that she left at the booth for me to pick up the next day, and she autographed it!
Rachel Vincent and I at Harlequin booth BEA 2012