Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman

This is another of my chick lit finds at the outlet bookstore in Osage Beach. It was a cute idea. The main character quits her job after she finds out her boss just wants her to sleep with him, and he calls her a stupid secretary. Well, Molly, was just about to go to a conference in Paris with her boss, which would have been her first time out of her small town. Well, at the last minute she decides to go ahead and use her ticket to go into Paris on her own and just enjoy herself. And, well, an adventure begins. She meets a wild Australian girl who gets her out and introduces her to some fun people. And while out with this group, a fantasy comes true when she meets Fabrice, a handsome French artist. And while she thinks she just wants her weekend in Paris, like most girls, she falls in love. There is a nice side story about how she doesn't know who her father is, as well as her new Australian friend helping her get back at her boss. All in all it ends well, and makes me want to go on vacation by myself like that. And it makes me wonder, would it be really empowering to have someone draw/paint you like she talks about?
There is one part in the book that I marked to talk about. When she gets introduced to her new French friends by Alicia, her new Australian friend, they do a major makeover on her before they go out, fashionable, sexy clothes, and makeup too! I just wish I could have someone do that for me. I have no idea on makeup, and any time I try it just looks like crap. So it always makes me wonder if that would be all I needed to find my right guy? Silly, I know.

Anyway, a fun chick lit!