Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

Another book that was a strip copy. I picked it up because I love the books Lincoln Child writes with Douglas Preston, and I did enjoy Utopia and Deep Storm.

This was a fun science type book as well. There is a creature in it that was flash frozen in ice a long time ago. It is a strange unknown creature. There are many theories thrown around about it. One I wonder if it is a real theory, that scientists say every so often nature creates a creature that is just to weed out some sort of species or something. I'll have to look that up at some point, because it is very interesting. I don't like how it does talk about Global Warming. Yes, maybe the polar ice caps are melting, but once again, as I've posted before, that happens in nature! So anyway.

Another good, quick read by Lincoln Child. I think there is only one other book by Lincoln Child, Death Match. Not sure what it is about, but I'll have to look it up and check it out. I still need to get back to the series he writes with Douglas Preston that started with Relic one of these days. I do have to note, that as I was looking for an image of the cover for this book, I really like the British cover better, so I posted it above as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Diamond of Darkhold by Jeanne DuPrau

I've actually had this book sitting in the bathroom in my 2nd bedroom since shortly after it was published about 2 years ago. This is the fourth book in the City of Ember series. It was about as good as the other ones. I think that maybe I've been reading a lot more teen as opposed to young reader books lately, and so it seemed quite simple to me and made it harder to get through. That is one of the reasons that I hope to read for the Gateway list next year, although I wouldn't mind reading for the Truman list as well. But the Mark Twain list gets more difficult to read for as most of my 7th graders are reading well above that level. Oh well. This was an interesting conclusion to the series. Not sure how well it will lead into another book, but who knows!!

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

The latest in paperback in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have decided that since I own all of the books so far in paperback I will wait until each new one comes out in paperback to buy it, and wait for it, to read it. That way I know that I have something to look forward to at all times, and with the diminishing number of hours I get at the bookstore, I can barely afford to buy anything anymore. And since they seem to be released about once a year, I shouldn't ever get behind where the tv series is at this rate.

But once I picked it up, I was sucked right back into Sookie's world. I do love her back with Eric, and there was lots of good stuff in this book, although in a way, it did pull back in some things that reminded me of the Church in the beginning books. But all in all, it didn't disappoint, and I'm excited for next year when the one that just came out will be in paperback and I can read it.

I've got two more reviews to do tonight, things have been crazy busy lately. So later tonight I'll be back with some more reviews. I've always got time to read, just not always time to blog.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dating Game by Beverly Brandt

I picked this book up off our bargain tables. The back sounded good, the main character named Lainie is going back to her hometown just in time for her high school reunion and she's hoping to get hooked up with her former prom king who she had a crush on back when she was a chubby computer geek in high school.

The book started out in a way that made me wonder if I would really enjoy it. See, our main character had been married. As I've never been married, I wasn't sure if I would be able to enjoy this. However, she was broke, and I do identify with that. She starts out when her sister asks her ot pay for dinner and she has no way to do it by stealing the credit card of the attractive man at the next table. Well, as she's looking for a job, it turns out that man, Jack is who she will end up working with. As we got into the story, the chemistry and humor between Lainie and Jack totally won me over, in fact reminded me of someone in my life right now. Not someone I think anything will ever happen with, but I felt the same humor and chemistry these two seem to have. Anyway, a funny read, had me laughing out loud at several parts.