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Cover Reveal: Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch

Title: Beneath the Lighthouse
Author: Julieanne Lynch
Genre: YA Horror
Release Date: June 26, 2018  
Cover Design: Sam Shearon 

Sixteen-year-old Jamie McGuiness’s sister is found dead. Sinking into a deep depression, he frequents the lighthouse where her body was discovered, unaware of the dark forces surrounding him.
When an angry spirit latches onto Jamie, he’s led down a dark and twisted path, one that uncovers old family secrets that destroy everything Jamie ever believed.
Caught between the world of the living and the vengeful dead, Jamie fights the pull of the other side. It’s up to Jamie to settle old scores, or no one will rest in peace—but, first, he has to survive.
Julieanne Lynch is an author of YA and Adult genre urban fantasy, crime and contemporary romance books. Julieanne was born in Northern Ireland, but spent much of her early life in London, United Kingdom, until her family relocated back to their roots.

Julieanne lives in Northern Ireland, with her husband and five children, where she is a full-time author. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at The Open University and considered journalism as a career path. Julieanne has several projects optioned for film.

Julieanne is both traditionally and independently published.


Cover Reveal with Giveaway: The Life and Death Parade by Eliza Wass


Today Eliza Wass and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for THE LIFE AND DEATH PARADE, which releases June 26, 2018! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win an ARC!

On to the reveal! 

Book info:
Author: Eliza Wass
Pub. Date: June 26, 2018
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 256

One year ago, Kitty's boyfriend Nikki Bramley visited a psychic who told him he had no future. Now, he's dead.

With the Bramley family grieving in separate corners of their home, Kitty sets out to find the psychic who read Nikki his fate. Instead she finds Roan, an enigmatic boy posing as a medium who belongs to the Life and Death Parade--a group of supposed charlatans that explore, and exploit, the thin veil between this world and the next. A group whose members include the psychic... and Kitty's late mother.

Desperate to learn more about the group and their connection to Nikki, Kitty convinces Roan to return to the Bramley house with her and secures a position for him within the household. Roan quickly ingratiates himself with the Bramleys, and soon enough it seems like everyone is ready to move on. Kitty, however, increasingly suspects Roan knows more about Nikki than he's letting on. And when they finally locate the Life and Death Parade, and the psychic who made that fateful prophecy to Nikki, Kitty uncovers a secret about Roan that changes everything.

From rising star Eliza Wass comes a sophisticated, mesmerizing meditation on the depths of grief and the magic of faith. After all, it only works if you believe it.

About Eliza:

Eliza Wass is an author, journalist and the wife of the late musician Alan Wass. Her debut novel, The Cresswell Plot, was published in 2016 to critical acclaim by Disney-Hyperion. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, Grazia, NME, Shortlist and THE FALL.
Her second book with Disney-Hyperion, The Life and Death Parade, will be published in June 2018.

Giveaway Details:

  • 2 winners will receive a finished copy of THE LIFE AND DEATH PARADE (when they become available), US Only.

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ARC Review: Butterfly Suicide by Mary Ann Loesch

Book info:
TitleButterfly Suicide
Author:  Mary Ann Loesch
Genre:  YA Contemporary/Romance
Release Date:  July 11th, 2017
Publisher:  Independent
Source:  Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours for an honest review
My rating:  5 stars

Butterfly suicide.

The blood on the cafeteria floor has been washed away and the bullet holes plastered over, but those words carved deeply into the back of the worn auditorium chair will always be a reminder for the students of Rockingham High School of what happened there last May. For Stephen Valley, the brother of infamous school shooter Jude Valley, that day is one he will never be allowed to forget—especially since the small town blames him for the loss of the seven students killed in Jude’s rampage. Unfortunately, poverty has a firm grip on his mother’s finances, imprisoning him in the bigoted town with no options to leave.

Monica Monroe, a self proclaimed Theatre Nerd, hates being known only as the sister of Jude Valley’s murdered girlfriend, Simone. Even though she’s never believed Jude killed her sister over a lover’s quarrel, she does blames herself for not seeing what a monster he was. When she is partnered with Stephen for an acting scene in Theatre class, Monica views this as an opportunity to finally get some answers. Being paired with Stephen proves to be dangerous for her emotional well being and her heart. When he is beaten up for being on her street, Monica realizes his life after the actions of Jude has been as traumatic as her own.

Drawn together by tragedy, the two stumble across a shattering secret which threatens to ruin their blossoming romance and destroy their families.

My Review:
I put this book off based on the date I had to have it read by, but once I started reading, it was another really hard to put down story.  The topic itself was very emotional, a school shooting.  Only in this story, the shooter was unable to kill himself, and is now locked away.  But his younger brother is still stuck going to the same school where all of this happened, starting his freshman year there.  Not only that, but the younger sister of one of the victims is starting her freshman year there as well.  

Stephen and Monica have known each other for a long time.  Not only was Jude, Stephen's brother who was the shooter, dating Simone, Monica's older sister who he killed during his rampage, but they've gone to school together for a long time, it's a small town.  Turns out both of them have kind of had a crush on the other one ever since a science class lab in 7th grade.  

Stephen goes to school not expecting any goodness, his own neighbors have signs up condemning his brother and his family.  Monica goes to school, not feeling the same hatred for Stephen as it seems everyone else does, and everyone expects her to have.  You see, she knows Stephen is not his brother, he is different, and she can tell.  And she wants to give him a chance.  Unfortunately, not everyone else does, and they plan to take up for her, beating Stephen up and making his life miserable.  

I like that the story is told from both of their points of view, alternating chapters from Monica and Stephen.  We get to see that things with Jude aren't the usual cut and dried school shooter story.  It's not just a case of being bullied and getting back at everyone.  No, there's always been something wrong with Jude. Something Stephen and his mother have lived with their whole life.  And while Monica's family may look like the perfect family - before the death of Simone - some things will come to life that will throw her life into even more of a mess, worse than the loss of her older sister.

I liked the little connection of the drama teacher.  I liked getting the emotions of someone on each side, and having them seem to be able to separate people.  The twists on some of the details of the whole original incident  were very original and not always ones you saw coming.  I liked that.

Definitely a story about a school shooting that should be kept up there with Hate List by Jennifer Brown and This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.   

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Blog Tour with Excerpt: Hallow Be The Haunt (A Krewe of Hunters Series) by Heather Graham


From New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham, comes the sexy and suspenseful title…HALLOW BE THE HAUNT, a new novella in the A Krewe of Hunters series brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights! Grab your copy of this amazing novella today!


About HALLOW BE THE HAUNT (A Krewe of Hunters Novella):

Years ago, Jake Mallory fell in love all over again with Ashley Donegal–while he and the Krewe were investigating a murder that replicated a horrible Civil War death at her family’s Donegal Plantation.

Now, Ashley and Jake are back–planning for their wedding, which will take place the following month at Donegal Plantation, her beautiful old antebellum home.

But Halloween is approaching. And Ashley is haunted by a ghost warning her of deaths about to come in the city of New Orleans, deaths caused by the same murderer who stole the life of the beautiful ghost haunting her dreams, night after night.

At first, Jake is afraid that returning home has simply awakened some of the fear of the past . . . .

But as Ashley’s nightmares continue, a body count begins to accrue in the city . . . .

And it’s suddenly a race to stop a killer before Hallow’s Eve comes to a crashing end, with dozens more life at stake, not to mention heart, soul, and life for Jake and Ashley themselves.


Grab your copy of HALLOW BE THE HAUNT today!

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“This seat taken?”
She turned and smiled. Jake was there, looking exceptionally handsome in a casual jacket and trousers. No tie, shirt slightly open. He was very tall—six-four—and his shoulders were nicely broad, but he could appear almost lean. His hair was at a rakish angle over his forehead.
“I’ll make room for you, sir,” she said.
“Yes. With lime. Makes it fancy.”
He ordered for them both and took her hand, twining their fingers. “Should be champagne.”
“Not tonight.”
“No, not tonight,” he agreed. “But, I promise…”
She heard the guilt in his voice and tightened her grip, willing him to understand. “Jake, it’s all right. I promise. This isn’t just what you do—it’s who you are. And, I’m proud of that.”
“You’re doing okay, right?”
“Of course. Oh, because I was dreaming.”
“I really don’t like what’s going on.”
“With me—or the murdered girl and the slashed hood?”
“All of the above,” he sighed. “But for now, let’s focus on dinner.”
“What did you do? You think these are associated? Tell me—”
“After.” He brushed her lips with his. “Let’s have an almost romantic dinner first.”
The maĆ®tre’d showed them to their table. Ashley loved the sense of history at Antoine’s. And the food was amazing too.
Once they were seated and had ordered, Jake smiled. “Wedding plans. How are they going?”
“The space is all cleared out for the wedding. We have plenty of room—luckily, a lot of our friends come as couples, so doubling them up won’t be a problem. No rooms are rented out for the weeks before and after. Oh, and you know how the main hall has the winding staircases on either side? I’ll come down the left with Frazier. He’s so excited. We’ll be married at the base of the stairs, and then take the reception out to the grounds. It really should be beautiful. Actually, whatever we do will be beautiful. You know, I’d be fine with a justice of the peace.”
“I would never do that to your grandfather,” he chuckled.
“No, I guess not.” She grinned.
He leaned toward her, twirling soda in his glass. “So, do you have plans for later?”

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About Heather Graham:  
New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Heather Graham has always been an avid reader, from classics to sci-fi, mystery, horror, thriller, romance, and all kinds of non-fiction. She’s fairly certain that her mom’s deliciously crazy family–arriving in the US a bit before her birth from Ireland–gave her the love of storytelling. She started out in theater and commercials, but once her children began to arrive, she stayed home and gave writing a try. She’s incredibly grateful to be doing what she’s doing for a living. Heather belongs to MWA, RWA, Sisters in Crime, HWA, and ITW, and has the recipient of the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award, a Silver Bullet for charitable works, and this year, she will receive the Thriller Master title from ITW. She has over 200 novels in print, and has been published in 22 languages.  


Audiobook Blog Tour and Giveaway: Timeless (Transcend Time Saga #2) by Michelle Madow

Author: Michelle Madow

Narrator: Andrea Emmes

Series: The Transcend Time Saga, Book 2

Length: 4 hours 43 minutes

Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing

Released: Aug. 24, 2017

Genre: Clean Romance

In Remembrance, Lizzie and Drew changed the course of fate so they could be together. In Vengeance, Chelsea set fate back on its original, deadly path.
Now, strange things keep happening to Lizzie.
Things that are omens of darkness to come. A curse has doomed her to die an early death, just as she did in her past life. To make matters worse, even if she can figure out who cast the curse, it's irreversible.
There's only one option left for her to save herself. It's crazier than anything she's heard yet, and to do it, she'll need Drew and Chelsea's help.
Because to make things right, they must go back in time to when it all began... and Lizzie discovers that the final events in her past life were more sinister than she ever imagined.

Michelle Madow is a USA Today bestselling author of fast paced fantasy novels that will leave you turning the pages wanting more! She grew up in Maryland and now lives in Florida. Some of her favorite things are: reading, traveling, pizza, time travel, Broadway musicals, and spending time with friends and family. Someday, she hopes to travel the world for a year on a cruise ship.
Narrator Bio
Audible Best Selling Narrator, Andrea Emmes was born in Hollywood, FL and grew up in both Tennessee and Rhode Island, started her career in musical theater. Cutting her teeth at The Trinity Arts Center in Rhode Island, Andrea eventually made her way to Orlando and began her eclectic career singing/dancing in various shows at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Pirates' Dinner Adventure, performing as a magician's assistant, headlining on the Las Vegas Strip and touring Los Angeles as an L.A. Award winning artist with her album, "I'm On My Way". Having worked in tv, film and video games, Andrea, a total Book Nerd, now enjoys narrating audiobooks at her home studio in San Jose, California. Her wide range of character voices and dynamic/emotionally invested performances has reviewers and listeners alike commenting on how she effortlessly pulls listeners in, and has versatility and charisma.
 I did  not get to review the audiobook, but you can read my review of the book itself from a while back HERE
Q and A with Narrator Andrea Emmes
  • Have there been any characters that you really connected with?
    • Absolutely. There have been many characters that I just clicked with for different reasons. Lizzie in “Transcend Time Saga”, Ivy in “Love Nouveau”, Farris in the “Geek Girl Mystery Series”, Jo from “Little Women”, and more. Though I might not identify with everything they are going through, there are many things from each character that I can pull from my own experience and dive deep into who they are.
  • If you had the power to time travel, would you use it? If yes, when and where would you go?
    • I’d be so nervous of messing anything up and creating a Time Paradox or whatever Doc. Brown said in Back to the future, that I’d worry I’d change the future. If I had to choose though, I’d probably like to go to Regency Era England during the Jane Austen times. Not because I like how women were treated back then, which was horrendous, but I’d love to dress up in those beautiful dresses and dance in one of their fancy balls!
  • Do you read reviews for your audiobooks?
    • I have, but I don’t do it often as it can be hazardous to my self-confidence sometimes. There’s a lot to be said about good, constructive reviews even when they are negative about me or my work. If I get the same note from listeners over and over, then I’ll take that in mind and work on that. But there are often many times that the audiobook didn’t sit right with the listener and they didn’t like my narration for whatever reason and that’s ok too. I can’t please everyone. Not everyone will like my voice or my narration style. It’s best to not get too caught up in reviews.
  • Who is your “dream author” that you would like to record for?
    • I actually don’t have a particular author in mind. But my dream author would be someone who is a strong storyteller who has emotionally rich characters and an engaging story. I’d love to latch on to a series that is as powerful as Harry Potter, Twilight, Mortal Instruments, Dresden Files, etc. It’s so fun to keep growing with your favorite characters.
  • If you could narrate one book from your youth what would it be and why?
    • Actually, I already have!! “Little Women” by Lousia May Alcott. As a little girl, I just fell in love with this book and with Jo! Each of the sisters had such rich personalities and watching them grow, become “good pilgrims”, find love and lean on each other was something I connected with. I actually am an only child, so in a way, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy were like my sisters every time I would read the book!
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • I say they need to be open to changing their perspective. Listening to an audiobook is real reading. Especially for those who are visually impaired or have learning disabilities. I think it’s unfortunate that some people have a negative view of “listening” as opposed to reading the written text because it’s still storytelling and it offers others who really want to dive into their favorite books but don’t have time to read the text version because they have long commutes to work, have to clean the house, need something to focus on while working out, or have a monotonous job that allows them to listen to music or audiobooks so they don’t fall asleep.
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring audiobook narrators?
    • Take the time to learn the craft. There’s a lot to it than just talking into a microphone. Study, get great coaches, learn what equipment is best, set up a proper studio to record in, learn the business side of things – marketing, how to make social media work for you, get a good website and demos, how to talk to authors/publishers, etc. And be patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn to have a thick skin know that it will take a lot of auditions before you will get work. After you audition, forget it and move on. This is a hustle, so you have to be driven and work hard because books and work will not fall on your lap. But know that the audiobook community is one of the most gracious group of people and colleagues I have EVER come across, so you won’t be alone!
  • What’s next for you?
    • (hard to answer since this will be released in October and I don’t have work slated that far yet. Can I get back to you on this when we get closer to the tour and I know what work I will have lined up by then)
  • Bonus question: Any funny anecdotes from inside the recording studio?
    • Um…I tend to burp a lot in the booth! I’m taking in so much air as I narrate that sometimes a really amazing burb just comes out…at the wrong time. Like during an emotional scene and just as I’m getting to the good bits, BUUUURRRRRPPPPP! LOL, then I have to start that section over!

The Transcend Time Saga Giveaway: $20 Amazon Gift Card


Remembrance, Book 1

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Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway: Hangry by Lily Kate

Today we have the blog tour of Hangry by Lily Kate! Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Hangry

Author: Lily Kate

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Hangry:



  1. bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.
Ladies and Gents,

I sold my soul for a hamburger.

And I have no regrets. When a girl is trapped indefinitely in an elevator with a smoking hot burger and an empty stomach, even the strongest of women will crumble.

The story goes like this: Bradley Hamilton, the most frustrating human alive, offered me half of his hamburger in exchange for a date. I took him up on the offer—while under duress—and now I’m stuck with the consequences. Specifically, the scorching kiss at the end of our date that has me drooling for more.

However, there’s one whopper of a problem. This man has been a thorn in my side for the last twenty years—ever since he moved next door and became my older brother’s best friend. We’ve gone head to head for years, and now, he’s trying to buy out my restaurant in order to plop one of his big fat gyms there instead.

I refuse to let him ruin my business. Unfortunately, Bradley Hamilton is like an order of french fries: you just can’t have one. It appears our lips are addicted to kissing. He’s alarmingly handsome. Deliciously confident. And worst of all? Underneath that salty exterior he’s starting to show signs of sweet.

Brad Hamilton is my guilty pleasure, my cheat meal, my greatest craving.

Which is why he’ll be one habit that’s hard to kick.  

Get Your Copy Today!



“Life’s not fair, is it?” he asks, raising his eyebrows.
For a moment, I’m convinced he’s a mind reader who can tell that he has me all hot and bothered, my mind wandering to unladylike places. Then I watch as he takes another gigantic bite of his burger, and I’m all too aware he’s talking about food.
My stomach growls. I rest a hand on it and whimper some. “Please take pity on me.”
“No mercy here. Sorry.”
“I can give you a bite, but it’ll cost you.”
“Cost me?” I quickly run through a list of things I have in my purse that might be an acceptable trade. I find, in no particular order: a tampon, a stick of broken open gum, a receipt for my last pair of shoes, and my checkbook. Breathing a sigh of relief, I pull it out. “How much is it gonna cost me?”
“I don’t want your money.”
“Do you want my...” I hesitate and quickly finger my belongings.
He’s definitely not interested in the tampon, and probably not interested in the dirty piece of gum. The receipt is so old I can barely read the label on it. I itch underneath my scarf-blanket as I struggle to come up with another option.
“You’ll figure it out,” he says evenly. “I’ll give you a minute.”
“The masterpiece I created last night!” I unwrap the blanket from my neck. “I’m learning how to knit, and I’ll trade you my first blanket for a bite of your burger. It’s gonna be worth money someday.”
“So, you were knitting last night?”
“Fine, you caught me. Yes. No walk of shame, no wild nights—are you happy?”
He breaks into a grin which answers that.
“I’ll have you know that just because Kitty and I stayed in for one night doesn’t mean we’re barren old maids or—”
“Oh, I know that much.”
Bradley’s voice comes out all growly and deep, and it seems he’s forgotten the hamburger again. He’s got that possessive, hungry look going on right now, sort of like a wolf. Or like me, Lexi Monroe. Then again, I’m very hungry, so maybe I’m just projecting.
“Do I get a bite?” I ask, trying for politeness this time around. “One teensy nibble?”
“I don’t want your blanket full of holes.”
I give him my most offended expression. “It’s not full of holes, it’s a loose weave. Fine, then, don’t take it. Sit there and freeze.”
“Freeze?” He holds out a hand, as if testing the temperature.
It’s warm enough that we’re both just about sweating.
With another harrumph of frustration, I ease against the opposite wall, stick my legs straight out in front, and cover myself with the blanket. It’s about as effective as trying to catch water with a strainer, but that’s okay. If it were wool, I’d be dead from overheating.
“I’m very warm and cozy,” I tell him, as one of my heels pokes through a watermelon-sized hole. “What about you?”
“I’m full and happy.”
He leans back against the wall, an arm coming to rest over his head as he takes another bite. The hamburger is dwindling close to only half left, and my heart speeds up at its rapid disappearance. I need to get myself a bite of that meat.
“What’s it going to take?” I cross my arms.
“A date.”




About Lily Kate:

USA TODAY bestselling author Lily Kate works a pretttttty boring day job and writes books filled with heat, heart, and humor by night. Her debut novel, Delivery Girl, landed instantly on the USA TODAY list, thanks to all of her fabulous readers! :)   When she’s not writing books, you may find her watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, eating whipped cream from the can, or hanging out with her family.  

Connect with Lily:

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

Enter Lily Kate’s Giveaway:

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