Friday, October 7, 2016

Audiobook Review: Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott

Book Info:
Author:  Kylie Scott
SeriesStage Dive #4  
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Published:  March 31st, 2015
Source:  Digital audiobook download from public library

This was the final book in this series, but as I discovered with the author's new series, Dive Bar, we will get to see these characters again, and follow up with some of the smaller part characters in this series.  

In this final book in the series, there is the last member of Stage Dive, Ben, and Anne Rollin's little sister, Lizzy.  Anne is Mal's girl, from Play.  Ben doesn't want to give into the attraction that he has with Lizzy, because she is basically Mal's little sister now. But then, one night, when they're in Vegas for a wedding, the two of them give in. And it is this one drunken night that leads to Lizzy getting pregnant.  She turns out not to be the only one of them that is pregnant. Turns out that Lena, Jimmy's girl from Lead, is also pregnant.  Well even though Ben doesn't want more with Lizzy, he likes his single rock and roll life the way it is, he invites her to go on tour with the band so that he can stay close to her.  But things go awry as you'd guess. She gets sick, they have issues dealing with each other, and so on.  

This author again has some of the best lines ever.  I have to share just a few.  

"Random attack sperm."
"Pretty sure both my heart and vagina would never forgive me."  
"Idiot men and their god damn sperm."  

But I have to admit that Ben is not my favorite of all the guys. While I enjoyed him in the other books as a side character, I do not like the way he was in this book.  He was worse than Jimmy in my opinion.  But this book was very emotional for sure.  Not only did I not care for Ben for a lot of the time, I definitely did not like his sister.  I need to go back and read/listen to the first book in the series again, because I know she figures into the story more and I don't remember it as much.  

Of course the pregnancy is a big part of the story, and it was good to read about that and see how it went.  Mal is of course Lizzy's brother-in-law now, but as usual, he steals the story for me.  Every part he's in makes me smile.  There was a lot of emotion in this story, and of course a lot of  humor.  We get to meet Vaughan, who is the love interest in Dirty, from the Dive Bar series.  He is a fun part of this story.  There are so many parts that I just wanted Lizzy to kick Ben out and show him how he was being a jerk, and that irritated me to no end.  

I think I have both complained about the characters in this book, as well as showed the most  hilarious lines, at least the ones I remembered to make note of.  I am a huge Kylie Scott fan now.  And I can't wait till Apollycon in March when I will get the chance to meet her!