Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book Blogger Hop June 11th, 2011

Didn't think I had time to do this right now because of the blog tour, but then I saw the question this week and knew I had to participate. Won't be doing Follow Friday, because I missed that and it's now Saturday. This week's hop is being hosted by another blogger due to Crazy For Books being really busy. So it is at Lori's Reading Corner instead at this link: (Sorry for long link, blogger is being difficult again.) This week's question is:

Who is the one author that you are dying to meet?

Well, I'm very interested in answering this question because it fits in with my quest this year of meeting 12 authors, one per month. I'm one author behind, as it's June and I've only met 5 so far. I intend to put a slide show on my blog as I meet each author to keep track of my quest. So far I've met, in order: Jasper Fforde, Jay Asher, Heather Brewer, Meg Cabot, and Ryan Buell (also the star of the A&E show Paranormal State). I'm intending to meet Maggie Stiefvater next month when she is supposed to come to town through one of our local bookstores for her book Forever. I met Stephenie Meyer a few years ago, and Rick Riordan, and Ellen Hopkins. I've also met Roland Smith and his wife Marie Smith. And at a Children's Book Workshop put on through University of Central Missouri a few summers ago, I got to meet some children's authors, Cheryl Harness and Carolyn Mulford, as well as Veda Boyd Jones, who actually critiqued my writing!

Okay, those are who I have met in person. Who I would love to meet most? Well I'd have to say Maureen Johnson, I love her tweets and think she must be a really fun person to hang around. I'd also love to meet Stephen King or Dean Koontz as some of my all time favorite authors. Then I'd love to meet several YA authors, Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman, Carrie Ryan, and so many others. But I guess that would be my list for now. I almost had a chance to meet Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in May, but had a meeting at that time and didn't get to make it.

Who would you like to meet?


  1. Love reading your words. Great to be a part of the blogalicious tour. Look forward to getting to read your work often.

    Linda Della Donna

  2. Awesome list, both have-met and want-to-meet! Returning the follow. ^_^

    ~Shalena @ Writer Quirk

  3. Stephen King is my number 1 want-to-meet, too. I used to loiter in the lobby of the Simon & Schuster building just waiting for him to wander by. (Never happened, alas.)

    Hopefully I'll pass through Missouri someday and you can check at least one off your list!


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