Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

I'm not going to do a big long blog on this one. As it is number what in the series? Not sure. But I will say that I did really enjoy it. It took only a few pages to get sucked right back into the world of Sookie Stackhouse and company. And yes, I love the show True Blood, it is what finally got me to read the book, but as always, the books are better. It was so nice when I started reading them and there were like 10 out, I got to just read right through them and stay in that world for so long. I'm now waiting every year for a new one. I will wait till next year to read the one that comes out in May because I am going to buy them all in paperback since that is how I started.

Just a quick synopsis of the story: We join Sookie right after the Fae War has ended. Her grandfather and most all of the Fairies have gone back into their world. Eric's maker shows up with Eric's younger brother. There are issues between Eric and the new vampire king, as well as issues within the Were community. And now that the Weres have come out, they are not quite receiving the same welcome as the vampires did.

Good quick read. I've also decided that another possible name whenever I may get another puppy is Sookie. :-)


  1. I love these books, but Sookie still strikes me as the strangest name ever. And I know I don't have room to talk, with a name like Madigan, but that's how I feel. \o/

  2. I've always thought Sookie was a strange name as well. But I think it would be cute for a dachshund puppy. And I think your name is cool. I wish I had a more unique name, I've always hated how many other people had my name.


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