Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dating Game by Beverly Brandt

I picked this book up off our bargain tables. The back sounded good, the main character named Lainie is going back to her hometown just in time for her high school reunion and she's hoping to get hooked up with her former prom king who she had a crush on back when she was a chubby computer geek in high school.

The book started out in a way that made me wonder if I would really enjoy it. See, our main character had been married. As I've never been married, I wasn't sure if I would be able to enjoy this. However, she was broke, and I do identify with that. She starts out when her sister asks her ot pay for dinner and she has no way to do it by stealing the credit card of the attractive man at the next table. Well, as she's looking for a job, it turns out that man, Jack is who she will end up working with. As we got into the story, the chemistry and humor between Lainie and Jack totally won me over, in fact reminded me of someone in my life right now. Not someone I think anything will ever happen with, but I felt the same humor and chemistry these two seem to have. Anyway, a funny read, had me laughing out loud at several parts.