Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UnWholly (Unwind #2) by Neal Shusterman

Wow, what a sequel.  The ending of the first book, Unwind, kind of left off at a hanging point, but at the time I believe it was still a stand alone book.  When I found out there was going to be a sequel I was very excited!  And not just a sequel, it is going to be a trilogy.  And this second book, UnWholly, definitely left off hanging.  I have to start with the fact that it didn't start off that great though.  It took a bit to really get back into the story.
We begin with a brand new character, Mason Starkey.  His parents have decided to have him unwound because of all the trouble he's gotten into.  And it's not like he's even their real child.  He was storked.  He is able to get away when they take  him, even killing the Juvey Officers.  And so begins his trip on his own.  Eventually he will get taken to the airplane graveyard where Connor and Risa from the last book are still taking care of the AWOLs.  And once there, he will decide that he is better than Conner, and begins scheming to take over.
The 2nd character we're introduced to is Miracolina.  She is a tithe, like Levi was in the first book, and like him, she is pretty devout in her belief that she is meant to be tithed and that it is horrible when she is "saved".  She is taken to live with other tithes that are being protected in an old mansion, where they are using Levi as their inspiration.  Levi is only there because his brother that he was living with is hurt, and while he doesn't want to live with parts from Unwound kids, Levi and his parents want him to.  So, when Levi's parents come to take over, Levi must leave now.  And he is taken in by this group.  Levi is trying hard to get through to Miracolina.  To where he even begins to wonder what in the world he is doing.
And the 3rd new character we meet is a new kind of person.  He is made up completely of unwound parts.  The people who made him chose all the good parts, the legs of a swimmer, brains and internal organs also of very healthy or intelligent people.  And even his face is made of lots of different skins, to show that he is a mixture, his hair as well.  At first he must figure out how to talk, because he knows like 5 different languages. And he's able to associate things with memories, but it takes a while to learn to speak again.  At first his introduction to society doesn't go well, so they come up with a new plan, to put him in ads and make him look really "cool" and then once everyone wants to be like him, bring him out again.  They also want to find him a mate, a companion.
In the end all of our characters end up somehow interacting with each other, or else affecting the others because of what choices they've made.  The ending was great, and left me wanting so much more!!  I see a Waiting on Wednesday post for book #3 coming up soon!

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