Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BBRAW 2012 A Memorable Reader/Moment

So, I'm already a day behind, and I did actually have time yesterday I could have blogged.  I'll blame it on the snuggly puppy that was on my lap that I didn't want to disturb.  So I'm going to do two posts today, starting with yesterday's prompt:
Today commemorate a specific reader or moment in your blogging career that has made a significant difference in your IRL or blogging life. It might be that first comment you ever received, the first follower, the first interaction with a reader of your blog on Twitter, the first time an author commented on a review, etc.
This is kind of a hard one for me.  I appreciate all my readers, and I'd have to go back and look at who were the specific ones, but I know it is the readers who come and comment on my blog, whether it is a review, or maybe a Waiting on Wednesday, or Follow Friday.  The idea of meeting other people through that was great.  I would say I really enjoy talking to my readers, of whom I am also probably their reader, on Twitter.  I know I've had a couple authors comment on my reviews, and that is really exciting.  Again, readers, I'm so glad you're there, and I do LOVE all your comments.  I'm trying to figure out how to use the reply that is finally here on Blogger, so that I can reply to your comments easier, but haven't quite got it figured out.
What do you appreciate about your readers, or do you have any readers that specifically stand out for you?  Please leave a comment and share!

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