Thursday, July 1, 2010

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

Now, I picked this book up because I follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter and she cracks me up on a constant basis. She is so funny. I started following her because another author I do read followed her. So I felt I should read one of her books, because surely it would be just as funny as she is. I was a bit disappointed in that aspect. The book was cute, don't get me wrong, a fun teen read that I will recommend to my students, just not as funny as I was hoping. It's about a girl named Ginny who has lost her aunt. But her aunt was kind of quirky and has left her a quest. She has 13 little blue envelopes to open, hence the title. She must open them one at a time, in the order they are numbered, and she cannot open the next one until she has completed the instructions in each one. Her instructions take her to Europe after her high school graduation I think. She meets a playwriter in college and helps finance his play with money her aunt has left for her. She meets a quirky artist, which by the way her aunt was an artist, and she gets to see all the different places her aunt visited. She is supposed to learn something from each task, and she does, although Ginny is not sure it is quite what her aunt wants her to learn each time. So a fun read.

I'm hoping to read Suite Scarlett next, as it sounds like it might be a bit more humorous, and I ordered a copy of Devilish in to read as well. I need to remember to go buy it when I get my summer school money.

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