Sunday, March 28, 2010

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

This is the book I kept at school to read during my lunch breaks. I got it at the enemy store because they had it in their bargain books for $3.99. It was an interesting story. Kind of my first "zombie" story, other than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

So, the premise is that teenagers are coming back from the dead. They don't know why, and not all teenagers, and no adults, are coming back. The town our story is set in seems to be somewhat more accepting than other towns, so they have begun to flock to this town. The sad thing is they don't come back just normal, they come back like you'd kind of think of zombies. Slow, trouble moving and speaking. Some come back to families that don't want them, and they have to find out where to live. Some come back though in better condition than others. The main character is Phoebe, who is a goth. Her best friend Adam, is on the football team. One of her best friends from when she was younger, Colette, is a zombie who has come back. Zombie is considered a derogatory term, and so it is like a brand new "race" if you will that is trying to fit in and find out what rights they have.

Now I remember commenting on another teen book a while back about how it is kind of annoying that all books these days must be series. Why aren't there just stand alone books? I can see that this one could be, although it ends with some questions. There is a sequel to this I guess, not sure whether I need to read it or not, we'll see. Anyway, a pretty interesting read. I'll put it on my shelves at school in my classroom for my students to read.