Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Review 7: Voss: How I Come to America and am Hero, Mostly by David Ives

This book was one I actually am not a huge fan of. The story was only a little okay. It was told with bad spelling, to make you "hear" the main characters Slobovian accent. Voss came to America smuggled in with Cheese Puffs. He gets there, looks for a job, which first he finds, then he gets fired, then his dad gets kidnapped and he has to save him, but it turns out it's not just his dad he has to save, and so on. A few funny parts, but one of the misspellings is the b-word, and I just feel like it is kind of a stereotyping book, and don't know that I would recommend it to kids. Just my opinion of course, but it's getting a pretty low rating on my scoring sheet for the Truman books. I actually finished it before bed last night, but no time or should I say too tired to come down and type up a blog. Today I started the next book called Hershey Herself by Cecelia Galante.

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